03 November 2008

Hair Do(n't)

NOVEMEBER 2 (really, I posted this yesterday but it showed up underneath instead)
(sorry for the teenie weenie pic... it's from my iPhone)

Last time I went to a Beauty School for a Do, it turned out FANTASTIC. But that gal (Kylie) has graduated (both from HS and Beauty School) so I have to start all over. Fortunately, Bridgette, Mark + Owen are here unexpectedly for a few days vacation. Unfortunately that means that we decided it'd be a good time to get the family picture taken (sans Bryant + Brad since they're in Chile for another year) for the folks' annual Christmas letter with picture. Now, I don't mind getting my pic taken. I hope I don't look fatter than I am (some angles are just not flattering as others - and I'm not saying I'm FAT, so don't patronize me by trying to convince me that I have a fantastic figure - spare me), but I try to give it my Alma Mater best. Which is a little tangent I'd like to share for a sec... It's better to have pictures of you TRYING to look good than you grimacing, hand in face, turning away, yelling "Don't take my picture!" or running from the camera. Practice in the mirror, turn your PnS (point-n-shoot) on Timer and let it click away while you move around and check out all the possible poses to find the most flattering. You might say, "But I don't have make-up on," or "I'm too fat." You know, it is what it is... get over it and take a picture. Then you'll have pictures to compare your BEFORE and AFTER looks and appreciate them each for what they are. Pictures are cool... you should have some of yourself, if not for you then for your family, friends, kids, husband, wife (hopefully you don't have both of those) or 11 o'clock news. You never know when you might be on the news (Ben and I were on our first date).

P.S. If you're an iPhone lovah, click the iPhone link at the top of the page for a video. I love that guy!

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sue-donym said...

I met that guy. He was awesome.