03 November 2008

4th of July... in November?

What the freakfreak? I assembled a 4th of July blog post of our FABULOUS time at our friend's place on Lake Sammamish (yay that we live here again because I look forward to it every summer), but somehow it didn't get published (I don't think). So here's some Independence Day goodness just in time for tomorrow's voting.

These neighbors volunteered to monitor the perimeter and keep others a specific distance from the fireworks barge.

The view of the party from the barge. Piper fishing (plastic fish). You can see how close the barge was from the dock. Check out that view... isn't it saaweeet?! Piper chillin' in the tethered inflatable island. Brett and Will... aren't they festive in their red? Jake and baby Roxie (red, white & blue). The cousins minus Owen (they arrived later) and Roxie. Um, Jack, that's for baby's ;) I ADORE this picture - that's my boy!!! Boat going out with 99.8% of people I'm related to. Ben and Piper are waving at you (lotta waving on the blog lately). Hey, Bob. I kept telling him he's a hunk (...kinda Clint Eastwoodesque). That dark blob between the docks? It's a GIANT BEAVER that comes around about dinner time to chew on trees (particularly the expensive & newly planted ones). "Heeeeeyyyyyy, I'm Brett!" Jason getting bombarded by the pipsqueaks (Will, Alice & Piper). This guy was channeling Mexico weather. What a pretty lady. Meet Bob, our host extraordinaire! This guy reminded me of Dane Sanders. Cute couple (she's got fantastic eyelashes). Ahh, backlit by delicious golden sunshine. Something was reeeeeally loud for Alice. Jake's 1/2 deaf so he didn't notice at all. Suns going down, fireworks are a comin'. My guy with the weird shadow hair :) Britanny teaches you that hydrating is important as well as sexy and hip! The Host's brother, Tedd, with his ammo (we geeked out on gear talk). Other boats starting to gather 'round for the show! Brett helping Alice, Will and Owen with sparklers. Bridgette and Owen.

PSA: Figure out where you're voting tomorrow and give yourself plenty of time to wait in line!


Queen Scarlett said...

You take the BEST pictures!!! Every one is perfect. I tend to salivate when I see your shots... le sigh.

Lucky Red Hen said...

Awe, you give the BEST compliments ;) Thanks!