01 November 2008

Goldie Locks Has Chicken Pox

Piper: Mom, when you was a little girl and you touched the giraffe... did you get green spots or red spots? Me: Red (and it's when I was pregnant with her, not so little of a girl, haha) Piper: Oh, okay. Did they itch or not? Me: Yes, they itched very much. (she runs off to her room, pausing at the doorway to turn and tell me something) Piper: Wait JUST one SECOND (pointing her finger in the air like she just had an idea.) (she runs further toward her room and paused again, this time out of sight but within ear shot) Piper: I mean, maybe not one SECOND but maybe ten minutes. She was back within 10 seconds after finding the book she thought of, Goldie Locks Has Chicken Pox, by Erin Dealey and illustrated by Hanako Wakiyama. Kids have interesting minds. We will be reading it after lunch :)


La Yen said...

That is one of our favorite books. I love the illustrations. Love them!

luckyzmom said...

Brings to mind July 25, 1978! Did you tell her about your personal experience with chickenpox?