31 October 2008

Happy Cocoa-ween

No, I'm NOT nekid in the reflection. Yes, I AM waving at you (it's customary to wave back) at 1:18 pm PST on Halloween. And, yes, I should've wiped the stove down before I took the picture.
Next we fill MY mug with cocoa, pero and hazelnut flavoring. The little blonde girl gets only cocoa and hazelnut flavoring in hers.
She downs her warm goodness with a peanut butter and honey on whole wheat sandwich, while stirring in her Tigger mug. My mug is a handmedown from the 80's (thus the country blue heart and swags of flowers).
Q: Tell me some Halloween fun things...


Trisha said...

I love Pero! I drink it at least once a day. Yum. My favorite is with a drop of eggnog.

luckyzmom said...

Love the reflection of your hand in the clock window as well. What is Pero? My favorite picture is the one with the adorable little girl. She is the cutest little girl I ever did see. You being the first.

Still one of my favorite Halloween memories was when you were about four and I dressed you as a garbage bag and everyone thought you were suppose to be a pumpkin.