12 June 2008

How Old AM I?

Me, circa I don't know (8ish, maybe)

Note the emphasis on the AM, not the OLD (although I'm not that thrilled to be aging, either). I'm not one of those women who gasp when someone asks my age, thinking it inappropriate to ask a lady how "old" she is. However, I don't tell right away and instead ask them to guess at how old they THINK I am before I tell them. Now, if the person knows my family (that I've been married and have two kids), then they'll usually guess a little higher. But just off the cuff, I have gotten as low as 26 but usually 28. My excuse for it is that I don't wear makeup (thus not allowing it to settle into my creases, giving my age away) and I act completely immature for a woman. Psst, I'm fine with that - especially if it makes me seem not so ooold. Maybe I 'shouldn't' be so OK with it, because acting immature is not flattering either, but it's the lesser of two evils, if you ask me ;) Two weeks ago I turned 37... for the second time. No, really. All last year, I guess I was thinking that I was TURNING 37 and instead got it stuck in my head that I WAS 37. So I've already been 37 and didn't have 36. Upon the suggestion of Dustin, Elisa's DH, I'm going to be 36 this year and resume my real age at next year's birthday. Because being 37 again doesn't give me back being 36, which is closer to 30 than 37 is (see where I'm going?). Some have suggested just being 37 and it's as if I didn't even age, but I'm not clever enough to trick my brain like that and already stuck on this new philosophy.

Lisa and I with Gene at Dixie's BBQ ON my birthday 2 weeks ago.

I have NO IDEA how I will handle 40 (even though Oprah tries and tries to convince me that passing 50 has been the BEST years of her life, I don't buy it). Y'all might want to start saving your pennies now so we can travel somewhere to give the 30's a proper burial (like the Mediterranean or Europe). Q: What's your take on aging gracefully?


compulsive writer said...

My grandmother did the same thing.

With being 87.

You look great. You're only as old as you think you are.

And forty isn't a big deal. I'm loving my 40s. (And I'll bet you can't guess how long I've been a 40-something.)

Yeah and I know I'm sooooo late. But HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!

luckyzmom said...

The more you worry about getting old, the older you will look. You won't be 40 for a long time. I too thought I was a year older one year. Really weird.

Elena said...

Happy belated b-day. We are bummed we did not know earlier.

30s is the the 20s, so don't worry about aging... won't do any good anyhow... Just enjoy every moment for what it is and celebrate your life along the way!!! I have no quams about telling people my age. If they think I am younger than I really am, it's a compliment to how well I take care of myself :) if not, oh well...

Happy second 37!!!

Geo said...

Let's go melt Iceland.

You could do that by yourself though, because you're HOT. ; )

Happy 30-whatever, dear.

Geo said...

My take on aging: Enjoy your ever-increasing seniority.

My take on your aging: You are never going to be old.

MattDJ said...

You are so not 37...are you? Well dang, if you are, I hope I look as young as you do when it comes time for me!!!

Always remember: you're only as old as you feel. Hmmm...that may not be a good thing as I still feel like I'm a 10 year old trapped in a 30 year old body!!! ;-) But then again, 30 is the new 20! :-)

Lucky Red Hen said...

Awe, Matt, you're so swell :)