05 January 2007

What Santa Looks Like, by Jack

My 6yr old son, Jack, was talking to grandma on the phone about his Christmas vacation... Jack: I woke up in the middle of the night and SAW SANTA!!! Gma: You did? Jack: Yeah! Gma: What did he look like? Jack: He was 10 feet fat! We're creating our Wii characters just a minute ago and I was making "mommy" (that's me). You can change eye shape & color, hair style & color, face shape & color, etc. When we got to the height & weight portion and I made me the tallest (compared to the kids, I am) then I adjusted the weight up a smidge from the middle and Piper says... Piper: No, mom! Move it all the way over! Me: No, I'm not THAT big! Piper: Yes you ARE! Jack: No, Piper, she's not THAT big. Piper: Yes she IS! She IS that big! She's WAY bigger!


luckyzmom said...

They are the most amazing children ever, ever, ever!!!

luckyzmom said...

go back and look at the canadian geese'
I should have posted them together

messed up o welll

Sandy. said...

Okay Compulsive Writer ~

I just went through your entire blog and am AMAZED at your photos. Can you teach me? Huh? Huh? Can you? Can you?



AzĂșcar said...

Stupid kids.

Sandy. said...

Where's the delete button? Or at least the edit button?

I meant you Lucky Red Hen. You! Your photography is simply wonderful.

Teach me to jump from blog to blog when I really should be in bed.

Sorry about that. How embarrassing.


b. said...

See how it's possible to wanna scoop 'em up and kiss their faces off one minute, then "introduce" them to duct tape the next?

Rebekah said...

Oh my gosh Shannon! This is too hilarious.