06 January 2007

100 Things About Me

1. I have blue eyes but they change from blue to hazel to gray depending on my mood. 2. Forbidden to shave my legs until I was 13, I used my dad’s electric razor to shave my arms. 3. At 6wks old I was in a body cast for 2wks with a broken femur then at 4yrs old I was run over by a taxi while laying on a speedbump. 4. I get motion sick easily; especially watching swirly video games or flying in movies. 5. My shoe size was 9 in HS, 10 during my 20’s then 11 after having kids. 6. Never had to read a book for school because we moved around so much. 7. My first “official” date at 16 was with an older guy (18) named Alfie; we were detained by a flood but was home by curfew at 10pm. 8. Right this very moment it’s 11:11 – my favorite time of day. 9. First boyfriend, Brian Eastman, was black (probably still is). 10. If I don’t know how to do something I figure out how – and do it well. 11. I have a goddaughter even though I’m not Catholic. 12. Am good with remembering people’s names. 13. Have an uncontrollable urge to take charge of planning get togethers. 14. I take over projects and do them myself because it’s difficult for me to give up control. 15. I have been working on, and getting better at, admitting when I’m wrong. 16. My tattoe (it's a tatoo on my toe) is a tiny sun. 17. When pregnant with my first, my OBGYN had to “surgically” remove (she used pliers) the belly button ring I got 2wks before I got pregnant. 18. When living with my grandpa, visitors mistook me for his nurse because he looked like a black man (very dark Hawaiian) and I’m the whitest white girl. 19. I never wanted to have a daughter but wouldn’t have it any other way now. 20. Don’t really need to tweeze my eyebrows (just a few each month). 21. Stopped wearing makeup on a regular basis about 22yrs old. 22. Had wished I were a boy when I was young because I was jealous they could potty standing up. 23. Taunted an albino bull to the point where he charged at me and got stuck by the barbed wire fence (he got stuck, not me). 24. Almost burnt down a barn while playing with a boy in Germany. 25. The only thing I ever stole was 5 francs (maybe marcs but not pfennig) from my parents to buy ice cream but I felt so guilty that I ate it too fast to enjoy and gave myself the worst brain freeze. 26. I’ll almost try anything once (unless it’s potentially dangerous or against my beliefs). 27. When I see someone being kind to a child I tear up and almost cry. 28. Popped about 4 antacids while on a fieldtrip on the Rhine river in Germany thinking they were candy (I didn’t read German very well). 29. Met my biological dad when I was 25yrs old in a non-Sally Jesse Raphael way. 30. Was jealous of my brother as a teenager because he was the biological child of the man I called “daddy” and I wasn't. 31. Been drunk twice, both on accident. 32. Voluntary medically necessary bilateral reduction mammoplasty on 11 Oct 94. 33. Attended non-denominational churches without my family starting in high school. 34. Had a pet rat named Thaddeus Winston Reginald Poindexter. 35. My CB handle (when I had one) was “Sweet Lady” (long & high sweeeeeeet). 36. Feel germ phobic at county fairs but not at rodeos. 37. Have a soft spot in my heart for true cowboys (especially ones my dads age). 38. Am a regular at Carrabba’s in Orem; been there 4 times in 1 week before. 39. Can’t wear high heels long enough to get used to the pain. 40. Am proud of my obnoxious bumper stickers on my car (one says “It’s better to be hated for who you are than loved for who you aren’t”). 41. Won’t ever bungee jump or sky dive for fear I’ll shart myself. 42. Knew more about computers than my hubby our first few years of marriage. 43. Earned Employee of the Month awards at 2 different companies. 44. Prefer to assist than to lead (although I don’t act like it). 45. Talk to strangers and give suggestions when at the store (especially bargains). 46. Lived in Germany at 7-9yrs old and treasure the memories. 47. Have 2 kids; a boy who makes me laugh and a girl who makes me worry ;o) 48. I don’t iron unless it’s fabric for quilting (all our clothes straighten out in the dryer). 49. Know more about celebrities than scripture stories and heros (working to change that). 50. Never wanted to smoke & despise the smell of cigarettes (but I like pipe tobacco). 51. Spent every Thursday for 10yrs on the couch watching Friends (except summer). 52. Used techniques to further my chances of conceiving a boy (it worked). 53. Competitive by nature, I don’t like to lose but I try to do it honorably. 54. Love playing Mexican Trains (dominos) and would like to more often. 55. When I get around to cleaning I usually do a good job. 56. Am uber organized yet still a pack-rat (have 2 piles of where-should-this-go). 57. Used to jump on the roof when babysitting my little brother to scare him. 58. Am a fiend at Sudoku (have it on my PSP and a handheld pocket one too). 59. I rarely read books but when I do I can’t put it down and finish in record speed. 60. Have a habit of starting projects but not finishing them (Christmas stockings). 61. Usually don’t need a coat because my body is always warmer than normal. 62. Had an obsession with The Pirate Movie as a teen (those were the days). 63. A friend looked me up 15yrs after HS to tell me he named his daughter after me. 64. My first apartment used to be a brothel back in the day (I loved that place). 65. Played all types of clarinets for 6yrs and was in flag corp in HS marching band. 66. Was naïve to a sexual prank caller while working at the hotel (he was found out and caught but no charges were pressed because it wasn’t a crime). 67. Envy those who can whistle with their fingers. 68. Don’t care for birds to touch me but I love looking at them in cages. 69. Have perpetual back pain due to a parking lot accident 4 years ago. 70. I like making people smile. 71. Jumped out of a car at a stoplight when the driver cracked open a beer. 72. Was 18yrs old when I asked my daddy to finally adopt me. 73. I prefer to be barefoot and don’t like wearing socks. 74. My daddy’s peanut butter cookies are my favorite dessert (brownies close 2nd). 75. Like watching live births of mammals (including humans). So fascinating. 76. Hats look stupid on me. 77. I weigh more than people think (or so they say LOL). 78. The only food aversion I have is green peppers; favorite is Tom Kah Gai soup. 79. I like who I am when I’m with my Lisa. 80. I get along better with guys than girls (maybe because of my brutal honesty). 81. My feelings get hurt easily and I have a tender heart that few people see. 82. Talking kind about my children brings me to tears. 83. Like my house, view, neighborhood and friends but ache to move to the NW. 84. Even though the dentist encourages it, I don’t floss unless something’s stuck. 85. I love to spend hours sifting through magazines and avoid reading books. 86. I love photography. But I love you more you see. But I still love photography. Always and forever. Always and forever. 87. Would rather go to bed earlier than I do and wake up earlier & get stuff done. 88. Currently, I have a clean driving record and try my best to keep it that way. 89. Passing a soldier in uniform on the street swells my heart with gratitude. 90. Even though my religion is criticized by many, I find peace, comfort and strength in learning more about Christ at church and serving my fellow man. 91. Like watching home improvement and cooking shows. 92. Blogging is a passion for me lately; more reading others than writing my own though. 93. Love animals but became allergic to cats at about 22yrs old. 94. Have a knack with babies that aren’t my own (until about 6mos old). 95. Am harder on my kids than I should be and I’m working on that. 96. Really good at folding laundry… when I get around to it. 97. Passed my motorcycle training course & written test with flying colors. 98. Love to entertain and have new neighbors over for dinner. 99. Can’t understand racism, no matter how hard I try. 100. Have an awesome husband, my Nordic prince, who’s 5yrs younger than me.


luckyzmom said...

pfennig Baby Girl, not franc...I had to look up how to spell it.

There are a few other things where the details were a little off, like you were in the hospital in traction for two weeks and in a cast for four weeks.

Me too-I like who I am when I am with Nancy. And I feel some of my greatest joy when I am with you.

It will be interesting to do my 100.

Julie P said...

Some thoughts:
Holy moly #2 made me laugh VERY hard.
Wow, you're funny (#9, #41) - and so is your life (#17) (#23 - extra funny that the bull was albino and it sounds like you almost are, too)!
Maybe you should combine #54 and #13?
I'm with ya on #49 (whoops) c.

One of the most entertaining 100's lists I've read!

(and p.s. - I've been reading your blog through the google feed instead of the site and I LOVE the picture of the woman at the bottom!)

Azúcar said...

We love to play #54 too!

compulsive writer said...

I'm with you on #48.

Wanna get around to folding my laundry?

You're one of the most interesting people I know, you know.

Lyle said...

Wow! 100 things about yourself. Impressive. Most impressive indeed. That is commitment to the blog.

Thanks for sharing...I'd probably give up before hitting 20.

tiff-fay-fay said...

i LOVE Mexican Trains too. Does Friday night work for a game?

b. said...

I'm an even HUGE-er fan a yours!
You like cowboy-ish things? I think you'd like my place.
Let's all do #54.
Did you do #52 in my old house?
Love your 100.

Lucky Red Hen said...

As a matter of fact, we TRIED #52 but gave up when it wasn't working and conceived Piper instead :o) I LOVE cowboys (Jacks room is vintage cowboy).

Lucky Red Hen said...

Let's do Friday night Mexican Trains... who, where and what time? We can do my house successfully (Ben's here to wrangle the kids so us girls could play downstairs on my square table).

Sandy. said...

Doesn't #41 contradict with #26? And #44 with #14? Just giving you heck.

You have someone named after you? How cool is that? What an honor.

What's this Carrabba's I keep reading about? Sounds like it might be worth a trip to Utah.

And about that photography. Really, wanna teach me how?


wendysue said...

Ok, what's your secret on #52. . .just in case we get crazy and decided for another one.

And I KNOW you're not too shy to share!!!

Haley said...

How do you organize? I need tips.. And as far as the weighing more than people think.. muscle weighs more than fat, so there you go, you lean, muscley girl.

Lucky Red Hen said...

julie p... #2 might've made YOU laugh but my parents didn't think it was very funny. My dad started to shave and it acted kinda funny so he opened it up to clean it out and found a million blonde hairs inside. My mom confronted me and I arrogantly told her I didn't shave my legs (there's nobody else in the house with blonde hair) and then I showed her to prove it and said, "But you didn't tell me I couldn't shave my arms!"

The woman at the bottom is one of my favorites too. She was helping in the kitchen of one of my favorite weddings in PG and I begged her to let me take a picture. After I shot that she noticed her apron was still on and made me take another without it. That one didn't turn out as well as the first though. Just something about her cute face (and she was getting married 2wks later - she was a widow).

Lucky Red Hen said...

b.... I think I'd like your place too. Now if only you would invite me over to see it :o) Jack's room is partially done in vintage cowboy (I say partially because I had grandious plans but the supplies are sitting in his closet).

Lucky Red Hen said...

Sandy... 41 doesn't contradict 26 because sharting myself is against my beliefs - Thou Shalt Not Willingly Shart Yourself.

Gotta explain 14 and 44 similarities... I take over projects if someone incompetant is in charge or wants me to. I prefer to assist a good leader than to lead (although I ACT like I want to lead). I just end up leading when nobody else is doing it. Sad.

Baby Shannon... her dad had a crush on me in HS (so I don't get how his wife agreed to name her daughter after me - but it WAS HS). He told me I had always been kind and truthful, an honorable woman and that's what he wanted his daughter to be. I was a good kid; didn't drink, smoke, drugs, sex, vandalize or cause problems and instead was teachers pet, kind to all people, helpful and reliable. Wow, I sure am tooting my own horn... just wanted to explain how the baby name was chosen.

Carrabba's is like Cheers and I'm Norm. The celebrity status I receive there is flattering and that's 1 of the reasons I go there. The food is consistently delicious, service is great and the handsoap in the bathroom keeps me coming back (Yardley of London English Lavender liquid soap).

A quick photography lesson: consider the 1/3 rule when composing your shot, natural light is far superior to flash (unless you're a genius at flash or have a studio), posing people in a V or triangle shape is best for portraits, taking the picture of a woman slightly above her eye level is most flattering (helps with double chins) and practicepracticepractice!

Lucky Red Hen said...

wendysue (and anyone else interested in techniques of helping you conceive a boy 75-90% success rate)...


It's a general rule that boy sperm swim fast and live 1 day and that girl sperm swim slow and live about 3 days. With this in mind it's best to save up the sperm (5 days) then have sex within 24hrs of ovulation (figure that out first) so that the boys have a better environment (less acidic and more slippery) to make it to the egg. Doing IT from behind (not IN, FROM) positions the cervix in a way that they have a better shot at the egg and orgasms help further along the sperm with the contractions (so have fun while you're doing IT).

Lucky Red Hen said...

haley... Back in the day, I signed up to sell Tupperware just so I could get the discount and outfit my kitchen with Modular Mates. I have been known throughout the world (I'm guessing) as having the best looking pantry known to man (ask anyone who's seen it, they'll back me up). My tips for organizing is to gather like objects and store them in a place that makes sense. Gift wrap in the bathroom doesn't make sense (mine is in the laundry room where I keep gift boxes, tissue, ribbon, tape and scissors and there's a flat surface for wrapping). I started with my kitchen and slowly have spread throughout the house. Most of my food is contained in my pantry now, but when it wasn't I grouped foods & dishes together in areas that made sense. My pots and pans are in the cupboard next to the stove. Spices are in a drawer, out of sunlight. Drinking glasses, plates and bowls are in the same cupboard above the dishwasher (because they're the dishes that take up most of the DW) and all plastic containers are in an upper cupboard so they can be easily viewed for storing away leftovers (that go into the fridge, of course). All the bigger equipment is stored together, measuring items together, baking casseroles in the same and flat items (cutting boards, cookie sheets, cooling racks, giant platters) are above the microwave (they're not used as often) stored upright in office folder divider racks I bought at the store. I am a big believer in plastic storage containers and Ikea has the best priced that I've ever found (new one in Draper is opening not-soon-enough for me). If you don't have the dough to splurge on see-through containers (spend the few extra dollars on see-through... much more efficient) then use shoe boxes or other boxes just to get the organization started.

luckyzmom said...

Isn't she loverly!

Anonymous said...

Hey Shmoop,

Next time you're in Seattle look me up. I miss you. Knew it was bad when we were dropped from the Holiday card list :), (my fault, I'm a terrible communicator). Hope you've found some time for the iz and would love to chat soon.

Cheers! Chad

c jane said...

Ms. S,

#101 You make delicious fish tacos.

(that is on behalf of Chup and myself)

Ms. C

b. said...

Shannon-ok, I'll make it official.
You are ALWAYS invited to my little ranch (it's totally not a ranch, well maybe a mini one, but I'll call it that to make it more cowboy-ish). We have 3 horses, 6 acres, amazing sunsets, and a panoramic view off the back....not nearly as amazing as yours....but could be good for photog.

Lucky Red Hen said...

Chad!!! Are you TEASING me? Send me an email at lucky red hen at gmail dot com. We didn't do Christmas cards this year, so no need to worry... yet.

Lucky Red Hen said...

CJane... ain't you the bee's knees!

Chup makes a mean yakisoba.

CJ is the ruler of fruit tartes (I added the e for flare).

Lucky Red Hen said...

b. it's a date but you'll have to send me directions. Do what you GOTTA DO (wink) to come play ;o)

Haley said...

Thanks for the tips! I would love to see that pantry of yours.. any tips for toy organizing? I dread toys!

Lucky Red Hen said...

So not Francs... they were Marcs. Francs are French. I lived in Germany and learned German then New Mexico and learned Spanish and French so I regularly mix them all up and sound like a complete idiot.

Rebekah said...


Your husband is 5 years younger than you? How old are you?

cazmom said...

A lot of these made me tear up. I love Shan Shan. She's the best.

liz said...

I secretly (ok maybe not so secretly) really would love ALL BOYS for children, even though I am sure a girl would be lovely!

girl friends tend to make me nervous- boys are such better friends, really.

Met my biological father at 17. Decided life was really okay without him and we don't talk, it's just my own choice.

Loved your list- you are an interesting gal.

Julie Walton Shaver said...

I'm very jealous of your clean driving record and your blog list. Very impressive indeed!

burkman3 said...

41 and 57 Both made me pee. But for different reasons of course. Don't foget that you used to turn off the power to the house and wait around a corner to scare the crap out of me. love your brother