02 January 2007

Provo Restaurant - Why???

'Splain me La Dolce Vita because I've been there twice and can't understand WHY in the world people go there (and like it). Has nobody that's been there been to Carrabba's (my favorite) or even Ottavio's (not my favorite but certainly better than LDV). Ben and I went when we first moved to Utah because SEVERAL friends recommended it to us. We both ordered 2 different "tour" plates so that we'd get to try 6 different items from the menu, just in smaller portions. So I've tried 7 entree's and NONE of them are worth PAYING hard-earned money for.

Toasted, buttered, sliced WHITE BREAD (like out of the Wonderbread bag) in a foil-encased basket (Carrabba's served freshly made, hot peasant-style bread with an herb mixture in olive oil for dipping wrapped tenderly in a white cloth napkin... I like mine with a little balsamic vinegar added to the oil).
Bone-IN (what restaurants serve fish with the BONE still in it? -- LOTS of it, not like a little piece that snuck it's way in either) and skin-ON halibut that's breaded & char-broiled beyond recognition (Carrabba's marinates & grills their fish with the lines criss-crossed so you can easily tell what you're eating and serves it with fresh handmade toppings).
Frozen mid-quality vegetables boiled to luke-warm, swimming in water (Carrabba's uses only the FRESHEST veggies then seasons them with garlic, butter and a dash of seasoning --- try the spinach... the broccoli is my other favorite; Ben likes the squash medley).
Entrees that taste like the Costco samples on Fridays (which doesn't mean they're BAD, per se, just that I don't want to PAY for Costco samples at a restaurant).
There was something else there that bugged me but I've blocked it from memory (and by this point I am salivating at the thought of eating at Carrabba's sometime soon even though in the last 2 weeks I had the pleasure of eating at 2 of the top steak houses in the NW, The Metropolitan Grill (ask for the server Craig Summers and Joe the Sommalier) and JaK's Grill in Issaquah).
P.S. The picture was taken last month with my Harley-riding girlfriends at LDV (I'm the 2nd from the right). We had a lovely time, the company was great, we had a lot of fun but I just don't understand the appeal food. Seriously.


compulsive writer said...

My friend complained about the iceberg lettuce.

I like it. It's quaint. It's authentic. And I've never been disappointed.

Oh, and my husband got serious food poisoning from Carrabba's salmon.

That's all.

AzĂșcar said...

I'm not that crazy about either one. Although I heard that Carrabba's true speciality are their mussels, so I need to go back and try those.

luckyzmom said...

Dad and I went to an Italian place for my birthday (but not sure if it was on my birthday?)that we had been meaning to try for years and were so very disappointed like you.
I love, love. love Carrabba's.
Great picture of you. All those women ride Harleys?! Amazing, they look quite normal!!!

about Shannon said...

How can you complain about iceburg lettuce. It's iceburg... LOL Dangit on the salmon because that's one of my favorites that I get every 3rd time or so. Tonight I got the Champagne Chicken (gotta get it in my food if I can chug a glass of it LOL) and it was alright.

Carina, What restaurants ARE you crazy about?

Yes, Luckyzmom, all the ladies are quite normal looking and act just as normal too. I really enjoy our get-togethers, they're all so nice. I'm hosting the January Ladies Of Harley (LOH) at our house next Tuesday and making dinner. There's usually less than 10 ladies at each function, more in the summer on the rides. I'm looking forward to it because I like having people over.

AzĂșcar said...

Crazy for Adolph's in Park City; Cafe Pierpont, Bambara, Gourmandie's, Siegfried's--all in SLC; Thai Chili Gardens in Orem, El Azteca, Orem AND Provo; Brand X Burgers in Springville, and various places not in state.

Cafe Del Sol
Old China Lily
Italian place after Del Fornello's
That little French place downtown SLC

compulsive writer said...

Two places I am crazy for: Cafe Pierpont (the first time I ate there was the best meal of my entire life. the second time was fabulous, just not the best) and Sundance.

Have never gone wrong with any of the majorly expensive Gastonomy restaurants, but I only go there if someone else is paying.

Best ltalian food EVER was in an eatery in Helsinki called "I heart food." I kid you not.

luckyzmom said...

My most memorable Italian food was in West Berlin 30 years ago.

Lyle said...

LDV serves no memorable experience for me.

Only one dish at Carrabas keeps me going back...but because my memory with entres and food places is so jumbled, I can't recall the name thereof.

Octavios- Only one dish there as well.

Macaroni Grill- Has a couple of dishes that I adore.

For whatever reason, any place that serves the seasoned peasant bread with the olive oil dipping place also has at least one dish that keeps me coming back.

I always crave Tucanos and PF Changs...alas, there is nothing similar to either in the long lost reaches of Lubbock. sigh!

Dalene said...

p.s. I think all your lovely ladies of the Harley sistah-hood should do a calendar.

Lucky Red Hen said...

On our Harley's in bikini's?

Dalene said...

On your Harleys?

You bet!

In bikinis? That's up to you.

I would seriously buy one so I have something to look forward to when I grow up and/or get rich.

b. said...

After eating Italian food in a little corner of Manhattan, NY called Little Italy, with an Italian date....it's been hard to top ANYWHERE. The guy was alright-but the food was amazing!