20 December 2006

twilight... by Stephenie Meyer

The best thing about this book is that my friend Linda told me NOT to read the back cover OR the Preface so I didn't have preconceived notions about the storyline. I think if I had known more before starting it wouldn't be as electrifying. Trust me, you won't be disappointed (if you like fictional love stories). I read this in 2 days but I bet it could've been done in 1 if I was undisturbed (but I have kids and such). There's just under 500 pages and my heart quickened, might've skipped a few beats and my chest did swell and my mouth watered a little throughout the book (there is NO sex and I've heard late teens can't put it down either). I'm itching to get the follow-up book, New Moon.


tiff-fay-fay said...

so can i borrow it?

La Yen said...

No sex? Never mind...

Emily said...

...but plenty of sexual overtones, so all is not lost.

The author is LDS. I don't know her, but have about 100 two-degrees-of-separation connections. (As in, mutual friends, if that sounded like jibberish.) And--this is exciting!!--the ballet studio is supposed to be about one mile from my house. Scary!

Loved the book. It's extremely engaging, and...she's just a mom who wrote a book, so I'm so happy for all her success. That's good advice to go in without knowing the premise.

compulsive writer said...

So this is OK for teens? Even boys? (I worried when you mentioned heaving chests and watering mouths.) I've got a couple who are always looking for a can't-put-it-down kind of book.

As for me--I'll try to restrain myself until after Christmas. Although, to be brutally honest, I don't always find LDS authors synonymous with good writing. (Can I get in trouble for saying that?)

compulsive writer said...
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Brad said...

This is Lucky, but I'm logged in as my BIL and don't want to lose what all I've written...

CW, I'm not a teen/tween nor have a teen/tween but have the highest confidence that they (even boys - it was recommended to my husband by a guy at Borders) will LOVE it too. The main characters are 17 and in high school (I think they're juniors). As for the chest heaving and mouth watering it's the electrical attraction that you feel in the beginning of the relationship - the untamed excitement of what's yet to come. The author does an excellent job of explaining those feelings in the purest ways, not to dilute it for longevity or make it more than it is by twisting it into a perverted sexual thing. My friend that recommended it has an 18yr old daughter and 17 & 15yr old nieces that couldn't put the book down. And... I didn't realize that the author was LDS at all because I didn't read ANYTHING about the book prior to beginning. It was only when I finished reading that I turned the book over and read all that stuff and found out she's LDS. I didn't notice anything at all that would tag the writer as any faith, much less mormon. Honestly, if I had known she was an LDS author I would've been skeptical too - just haven't been exposed to LDS writers that style attracts me.

Emily... thanks for backing me up -- it IS a fabulous read.

La Yen... but it's the better than sex kind of no sex. Try it and let me know.

Tiff-fay-fay... nice avatar and of course you can borrow it --- just have to wait until we're back ;o)

Emily said...

My husband loved it, too.

Isn't that so sad that we automatically assume that art of any kind coming from a Mormon is less-than-stellar? Spencer Kimball has a great quote about how the Holy Ghost is a powerful tool that we can harness to produce works of greatness, in art, science, academia, and more. I can't wait until we as a people latch onto that and go with it.

But yeah, Meier's religion is irrelevant to the read, except for the fact that she keeps it clean (with a healthy dose of teenage angst).

compulsive writer said...

I need to qualify what I said:

I have seen an abundance of stellar art from LDS arists.

(There is this LDS photographer named Shannon who is AMAZING!)

I have some quilter friends who are fabulous artists as well--and I completely consider quilting to be an art form.

I have a friend who is one of the best poets I've ever read.

I've even read some wonderful essays by LDS writers.

I'm just almost ALWAYS disappointed when I pick up a novel by an LDS writer.

That's all!

threewinks said...

Shannon, out of curiosity, I checked the book out from the library. Before I even finished it, my sister checked out another copy, read it in a day, and bought the second book New Moon, which I am going to start this weekend. It was a delightful book (and I loved how it was a quick read). Thanks for sharing :)


about Shannon said...

Stacy, thanks for sharing ;o) Glad I can be a positive influence for once LOL