14 December 2006

Headshots with Mr. Doberman

Went to our dog salon for some headshots of the groomers with their pets (mostly dogs but one cat and one bunny). This one with her Dobie was my favorite - he's so handsome and an obedient gentleman too! P.S. I used to ride my Uncle's Doberman, Tarkus, like a horse when I was but a wee child.

How sharp is he? VERY. I love catching them licking their chops.
You may not like this one but I think it's cool (so don't bash on it or I might cry).

Q: If you had a portrait of you and your furry friend, what would you do with it? If you don't have a furry friend, what would you want to have in your portrait with you?


Stacy said...

Those are great Shannon. I love that blue wall and I especially love the last shot. Very artistic and cool.

I don't have a furry friend, unless you count my little bro ;) But, if I did, I'd probably have a dog, and I'd probably love a small album with pics of him.

Haley said...

Those are so cute.. I would love a pic with my dogs but they won't sit still long enough for me to put their leashes on, let alone a photo shoot, so I don't think I'll ever be getting a pic with them..

luckyzmom said...

What incredible pictures!!!!

I would have loved to have had a portrait like that taken of me and Barney.

Georgia said...

Nice! I love the first and last ones especially. Where is that blue wall? I used to have a gorgoues blue wall downtown that I was beginning to shoot againt, and then some other business bought the building and covered that amazing color with caca brown.

I think if I had a protrait with my dog maybe we'd have to be dancing together, because that's the most fun. Only I don't tink Izzy would dance with anybody else around. Like me, he's easily distracted.

Georgia said...

But he can spell better than I can!

rowena said...

Wow! Love that blue! So artsy... last one is my fave.

glo said...

I adore the last one - I think it "says" more than the rest.

My cat recently died. During his life, I was so paranoid about being the spinster with cats that I never took a picture of us together. I regret that now. I would love a photo shoot with my pet - just showing us lazing around like we used to do - I would treasure it now. Even if I am a spinster with a now-dead cat.

Lorien said...

my cat Mr. Chubbs has feline acne. for true. so no photo op until he can get his little condition cleared up. (and no more plastic eating dishes to aggrivate his sensitivities). our pic would be us playing tag.

nice photos. and geat kiddies/babies in the previous posts.

owlhaven said...

Your dog is huge!

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