15 July 2006

Day 4 of What I Did (or did not do) Today

Honestly can’t remember exactly what I did today. I’m lying in bed trying to think and nothing’s coming. Did dishes and wiped the counters. Windex’d the bathroom mirrors & showered. Went to my photo shoot in Provo at 2pm and got back about 4. Used my last check to pay the babysitter then picked up another sitter at 5pm so daddy and I could go to dinner/movie. Here’s the thing though. We’ve been hearing all this hooplah over the new theaters between I-15 and Jordan Landing off Bangerter but once we got there it wasn’t worth the drive (and all the stop lights – what the…). Got to visit with hubby about life and stuff though, so that’s worth the time it took to get there. His golfing took longer than expected so I had to scramble for a sitter to make my appointment. He got an earful for that one - I just want a phonecall early enough to take care of things. We saw Pirates – felt a little empty at the end but enjoyed it nonetheless. Called Karen on the way home; she and her sister live right off Bangerter. The were just in Wyoming for a cancer walk/run; they started at 4pm yesterday and stopped at 10am today then drove back to Draper from Wyoming – crazy. The sister, Heather, is a cancer survivor! At home I was unable to find new checks so I told the sitter I’d have to get it to her later. Then she reminded me I didn’t pay her the last time either. EEK! We went to the calendar and there it is, plain as day, that I still owe her for last time. What a loser I am! I guess I’ll be tipping when I find the checks! As I pulled back up in our driveway I saw fireworks and ran inside to pull Jack out of bed to watch. He didn’t understand why I was yanking him out of bed at first, probably thought he was in trouble, but it was worth his surprised look. We’re not sure who’s fireworks they were (it’s July 15th) and they were LONG. I got tired of watching them after a while – isn’t that sad? So I went downstairs to grab my laptop and by the time I was coming back up they were at the finale. Perfect timing. So Jack’s in bed, daddy’s next to me programming on his laptop, Piper’s asleep (she had a nap today so hopefully she’ll saw logs tonight) and Posie is in her kennel. Tomorrow morning is church; 9am sharp but we try getting there 15 minutes early. If I get to bed this time I might have luck getting there on time. It’s 10:47pm – so I’ve got a chance for a good nights sleep!

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