16 July 2006

Day 5 of What I Did (or did not do) Today

Sunday’s are usually pretty lazy around here. Last night Piper woke up asking for mommy this time (normally she asks for daddy), but she wasn’t screaming so that was nice. I didn’t get back to sleep right away so I tossed and turned for about an hour and a half. About 4ish I woke again and had trouble getting back to sleep. Tonight I think I’ll take a melatonin and see if that does the trick. We missed the first hour of church but were right on time for the 2nd (we have 3 hours of church on Sundays). In Relief Society (women’s organization) the topic was strengthening marriages. The Five Love Languages by Gary Chapman was mentioned; love, love, love that book. The bishop’s wife was invited to tell us about her parents; married 68 years, died 12 days apart and were exemplar role models in the marriage department. The stories were touching about their love and kindness to each other. While we discussed marriage I hung out with my friends baby, Boston, who’s about 4 months old, entertaining him then getting him to sleep (I have that knack with most other babies that are not my own, but particularly him). Speaking of but… someone said that an apology isn’t one when followed by a “but” or excuse for the behavior. Thought that was a nice way to look at saying sorry. Returned home, ate lunch and scribbled changes to the map and phone list I keep updated for our Ward. There is a lot of growth in our neighborhood so the list gets updated regularly. Laid Piper down for her nap and jumped into my bed for my own. A couple hours later slowly woke to Posie licking herself incessantly – gross. Edited the pictures I took yesterday – got some really great ones (like the one of the baby, above). Helped Piper with Dora games on the internet, played Frogger with Jack, ate Stoffer’s Frozen Lasagna & Texas Garlic Toast that hubby made for dinner and Nutter Butter’s with milk for dessert. Played the I Spy puzzle game with Piper while daddy and Jack played a number game before bed. Teeth brushed and into bed (not without some dramatics from Piper, of course). Read the Red Barn book to Piper in her bed then came down to the cooler-than-the-rest-of-the-friggin-hot-house-but-not-cool-enough basement; watched some Miami Ink’s and a little Robot Chicken. Now I have to go upstairs to get Emily’s email address and send her preliminary headshot images so she can tell me which she likes best before I print them (deadline) then daddy and I will spend some time together before getting to sleep. Hey, 11:45pm – I’m not doing as bad as I thought! This will be my last dissertation. I think I've accomplished what I set out to do ;O)


tiff-fay-fay said...

speaking of your neighborhood growing .. call me before I go to Japan on Friday so i can figure my life out. you are the gatekeeper.

~j. said...

Nice. I've wanted to read the Love Languages book (s?) for quite some time; I hear there's one called Love Languages for Children.

I like what you said about the apology. My big one is this: an apology is not saying "I'm sorry you..." feel that way, got hurt, etc.. It's saying "I'm sorry I..." said that, did that, hurt you, etc..

That is all.

compulsive writer said...

Your husband cooked Sunday dinner?

I rest my case:)

LuckyRedHen said...

I haven't read the children's love languages yet but it's on my Amazon.com Wish List :o)

Alright, CW, my life IS good ;o) I shouldn't hide it any longer and admit to my guilt.

compulsive writer said...

Nah, no need for guilt. I think we should nickname your blog "Sew Lucky Enjoy It."

Oh, wait, that's sort of taken already...

(My husband cleaned a toilet on Saturday. I had to practically place the cleaning supplies in his hand--oh yeah--I did place the cleaning supplies in his hands. I think he figured it was the least he could do since it was his nephew moving in all of a sudden.)