15 July 2006

Day 3 of What I Did (or did not do) Today

Sorry about bailing on you all (and I use “all” loosely) last night, but I must show my support to LaYen because eiye lof herrr. Oh yeah. I’m tired of using initials to describe the people I know; it’s so impersonal. From now on I shall use first names and make you all FAMOUS :o) Ten percent finders fee is optional but encouraged. Daddy is between office locations (the other is being sold) so he was home programming. I got the kids bathed & ready for Linda’s so she and I could go to lunch for my birthday. You say, but your birthday was at the end of May! Yes, it was, but I’ll celebrate any day! So my kids played with her kids (with babysitter-aged kids at the house; we didn’t leave two 6yr olds and two 3yr olds to fend for themselves) and we went to Café Rio for some much-needed catching up. Hubby doesn’t care for Café Rio (I don’t either if I’m waiting 45minutes for a friggin’ burrito) so I like to go with girlfriends and get the Fire Grilled Steak Salad that Tiffany turned me onto. Chatted with Kim about Natalie’s pictures and her hubby’s motorcycle (his is orange too) then suggested her friend could use a commercial-grade Café Rio napkin to make it home since none of us had feminine hygiene products on hand. On our way home we swung by the cute one-way street by the Old Star Mill and an amphitheater to check the lighting for photo taking then pulled up to find our too-cute blonde daughters sitting together in the grass eating yogurt. Figuring that daddy could use more quiet time to program we hung out for a little while visiting with her oldest daughters about the weirdest things, and some normal ones too. Trying to get her 17yr old to the grocery store for some dinner ingredients, it got close enough to dinner that I suggested I provide the missing ingredients if we could invite ourselves along. Agreed. So Piper (that’s P in previous posts) and I came home for the stuff and to check in with daddy (Jack, that’s J in previous posts, stayed to play). Jennifer came to pick up the ingredients and we finalized plans with daddy on the evening (he went to interview a band in SLC then watch their show) and the next day (he’s golfing in the morning, which is right now, then I have a photoshoot in Provo at 2pm and 5pm we’re leaving on a date). Piper and I drove back to Linda’s and had Radio Chicken (her BIL, Chuck, named it – he heard the recipe on the radio) and more visiting with her, the kids and her hubby. On the ride over I called back Emily to finalize plans for taking her headshots Saturday (she’s a performer and needs them for programs). She reiterated the love for the pictures I took of her son and his cousins (I love hearing that). Walking out in their yard to check the ripeness of their peaches (not yet) we went over to the shop and stepped over a metal 20’ slide that was used by the previous owner as a shoot to send packages from the upper floor to the lower. I about freaked out because I’ve been looking for a 20’ slide to put in our backyard on a slope for the kids to play on. Her hubby said we can have it since he was just going to take it to the dump. PERFECTO! The kids and I left about 9ish to get them in bed. I couldn’t find lighter pj’s for Piper so I went in Jack’s room to his too-small box of clothes and pulled out the Texas t-shirt daddy brought from a trip and pj bottoms. As I put the shirt on she asked, “Where THIS come from?” I told her daddy bought it in Texas then did some of the Spongebob, Patrick and Sandy dialog and heard Jack in the other room chime in with other lines. She got mad because she was serious and we were being silly. So, we read a Winnie-the-Pooh activity book (Piper was answering all the questions correctly; Jack and I were shocked because we didn’t realize she knew that stuff), brushed teeth and got in bed. She went right down but about 11:30pm woke up crying and I soothed her back to sleep. In the middle of the night she screamed for daddy too. Her nap was missed yesterday and I think that’s what is screwing up her night schedule. The trick seems to be the combination of a nap AND melatonin or she has the night terrors. Before bed I checked eBay for the stuff I’m watching (looking for motorcycle boots) and went to a headshot website to check out different styles and poses. Jumped online to check blogs and that’s when I came across La Yen’s dilema and postponed my days dissertation. There’s a LOT to read, but it was fun to get different perspectives.


~j. said...

Can we say that plants from Texas are dumb?

I'd like for our families to get together some time. You're just so fun.

compulsive writer said...

Keep us posted on the boots! Oh, and I think you either need to start posting recipes with your posts (radio chicken?) or I need to stop reading when I haven't eaten already.

I know this isn't about me. But I'm going to give you an excerpt from my morning:

I'm in my p.j.s determined to put the entire house in order before a family of six arrives from Belgium to stay with us for a week. (As you know this is a huge task--on the scale of climbing Everest I believe.)

Just getting into my groove (two loads of laundry and two loads of dishes down already.) The door knocks and my SIL and two of her kids drop in from out of time for a visit. I get out of my groove in order to humor my daughter who has been throwing up for two days and she and her cousin and my SIL and I play Apples to Apples (I'm still unhappy with my daughter's decision to pick Saturn instead of Joan of Arc for "courageous").

Within a matter of 5 minutes it is kind of sprung on us that my 18-year-old nephew needs a place to live--preferrably entire states away from his girlfriend. I guess Provo will have to do and even though he has two married siblings living in the county it is somehow decided that he will live with us effectively immediately.

I certainly wasn't expecting that when I got out of bed this morning...

He will be fine. At least I think so. But I'm more than a little nervous that his presence will encourage my neice--who has complicated my life beyond belief during the past two years and who spends way too much time at our house already--to spend even more time here. Ouch!

Took the nephew over to my friend's house and got him a job framing. The hard work will be good for him. He starts Monday at 7am.

Now I'm back to the cleaning part--so I won't bore you with the details.

I still think your life sounds much more fun, although admittedly not sans problems. I'll have to work on finding some more fun. (Wednesday night was a good start.)

LuckyRedHen said...

Ok, ~j, let's.

CW, Just say NO.