15 December 2009

My Friends (family) Portraits at The Farm

Gosh, this post got buried from LAST summer :-o Dangit. It's funny to see because everybody looks older now. But there's a reindeer in one picture, so it's fitting to post it so close to Christmas! This is also the place I've been working the past few weekends (starting Black Friday) selling Christmas trees! Ho ho ho! But now I'm done, the tree season is winding down. I was mostly cashiering, but once in a while ended up outside directing shoppers to their perfect tree (or the Honey Bucket, "Back of the parking lot, folks," whatever might be needed at the moment). EDIT: Added their TV footage from QFOX NEWS on the Christmas Tree Farm at the bottom.

My bro-in-law, Jake, welded this reindeer critter.

This next pic is Drea recently, for her yearbook picture (it had to be straight forward with neutral background)...

These two are recently engaged to be MARRIED!!!

Pablo's smile makes his eyes disappear, and I wouldn't have it any other way!

Jana looks GREAT here, but she looks even BETTER these days!

David's away serving a church mission.

I love this pic of them in the tree field.


Britanny said...

Ahhh....I love them!!!

luckyzmom said...

Lovely. Thanks for sharing.

ashley said...

Those are awesome, Shannon. I love every one! Especially Pablo!

AJ said...

I miss the sifuentes!