13 December 2009

Driving Me Crazy

You know, I've been replacing my blogging with continual Facebook updates. That, apparently (*ahem*AJ*ahem*), isn't satiating some (including myself) and I've realized my blogging needs to pick back up again. I think I'm funny; funny enough to write stuff down on my blog for others to see and get a tickle out of it. I'm SEW funny (get it?) that I used to have an email address stating that fact. Wink wink. Nudge Nudge. But, and there's always a butt (misspelling intended), I'm a bit irritated at the way my posts are spaced improperly. Is it me? Am I the one that's improper? (Yes. Sometimes I am improper. It's inevitable and I sometimes try not to be and sometimes I am fine not being ~ geez, did that even make sense?) There is so much to blog about that hasn't been fully divulged via Facebook. In no particular order, we've got:

  1. my little bro visiting us (not for the first time) with his ex-carni, tattooed girlfriend (who we adore, she's rad) for the first time over Thanksgiving leftovers (Jake's stuffing was THE BOMB)
  2. me working at the Christmas Tree Farm on the weekends for extra dough while having started Slim Fasting (working hard for 8-10 hours straight keeps you from being hungry)
  3. crafting up a storm holiday gifts with my sister-in-law, mother-in-law and soon-to-be-sister-in-law to sell at an anticipated venue that earned us a whole $12 in sales (that blew)
  4. soon-to-be-sister-in-law (we're so excited and it's about dang time)
  5. Jack and Piper doing so very well at school; Jack is on a basketball team and we're looking into a Jump Rope team for Piper
  6. the Humane Society dog, Maggie, we accidentally adopted (she has bowel issues, great)
  7. my irritation with underarm hair
  8. the ache I have for missing my friends (nobody wants to hear that, wah)
  9. how selective I am at adding Facebook friends; really, I want to KNOW you to add you (I make friends EVERYWHERE ~ one of my dear friends is getting married next week to his dream girl I helped him win over; he was our waiter at my favorite restaurant and we have an AWESOME story). Without warning, I delete friends if they SPAM my other friends.
  10. I'm going to launch my photography business in Washington, finally!
  11. the cold weather means I don't see my riding buddies as much, but we had some good times this summer and fall riding around Western Washington!

So, I guess I need to be blogging more and Facebooking less. If I look at blogging as a way to journal my life (which I think is IMMENSELY important, I just don't do it), then I might actually do it more often.


AJ said...

thank you. I am happy now. You have "satisfied" me.

b. said...


(also, I miss you...)

La Yen said...

If you want to hear about it, I will tell you how much I miss you!

Melody said...

Welcome back. I'm trying to spend more time here too. Time will tell I guess.

Merry Christmas!!

luckyzmom said...

I'm sure you must be able to hear my sigh of relief, even from this far away. Maybe you will inspire me too:-D

ashley said...

Does this mean I can officially recommend you to people for your services?!