05 June 2008


I've been working out the bugs of the latest Webkinz fiasco's for my beautiful offspring. What I don't get about the site is that it's supposed to be designed for kids but I, as an intelligent and tech savvy adult, have a little trouble figuring some things out.

You gotta feed them
play with them
bathe them
read news articles
follow directions
play arcades game
do tournament games against other Webkinz players
buy furniture
buy food
decorate your room
buy extra rooms and yard
design your yard
open presents
use coupons
perform math on the fly
remember what your particular pet's favorites are
exercise your pet
feed them healthy foods as well as fun snacks
keep them happy
medicate them when they're under-the-weather
take them to the doctor
answer quizzes for extra points
buy chotchkeys and rare items to appease your pet
pick paint colors for your bedroom walls
decide which bed to buy
monitor your spending
build your bank
and more.
As I've been wandering around the site, I have to admit that I've been lured into the abyss of Webkinz land. I've been known to almost pass on nightly family prayer because I was in the middle of a game (last night). But if I were going to be truly honest I would admit that the only reason I didn't pass was because I happened to die at the very moment I was given a second call to prayer. Bad mommy. What's worse... is when Jack came to invite me to said family prayer and saw that I couldn't pull myself away, he said, "Geez mom. Get your OWN Webkinz!" Pitiful, isn't it?


compulsive writer said...

I wanna open presents.

Sarah Anne said...

I, too, have been lost to the land of webkinz. Have you been lured to partake of the hourly activities found under 'today's activities'?

Also, I want a Webkinz crown of wonder. Don't forget to do your gardening. (buy a yard and seeds first)Oh my heavens, this is embarassing.
My kids have uttered the same remark about getting my own. THAT would be dangerous.
Glad to know I'm not alone. They should start a support group, right?

Geo said...

I'm afraid of all things that are cute like that.

luckyzmom said...

"Geez Mom, get your own Webkinz!" LOL :-O

Bruni Bunch said...

That was funny!!!