04 June 2008


I know, I know. Guess blogland is beginning to wonder what's going on with me. The funny thing about that is that 'most' of you who read this blog have just emailed or called me to find out (I can't imagine there are people who read this that DON'T know me). Long stories short...

  • Back's been out
  • Thigh's been out (who knew? I certainly didn't, but do now!)
  • Neck's been out
  • Hair is falling out
  • Getting done with editing the school newsletter for the year (I'll do something else next year)
  • My birthday (last week, hooray, except I'm a year off from what I thought I was)
  • My birthday game night (all I wanted was a few friends, appetizers for dinner and Mexican Trains dominoes)
  • Piper's bday (yesterday with her Princess Party festivities this Saturday)
  • Grandma Jo's out of her coma and into a looooong stint at rehab
  • Harley battery gave up the ghost (whatever that means; but I installed a new one)
  • Pulled over by police (not for a traffic violation, either)
  • Body temperature isn't regulating itself much anymore (I'm freezing, never been before)
  • Car is falling apart (windshield needs replacing, somethings funky with the battery, fender)
  • 2nd shooting with my buddy
  • Winding down the school year for both kids (teacher conferences, tests, studying)
  • Clients need their work done before I fart around on the blog
  • My daughter needs attention, more than I give her already
  • House still needs arranging (going from 3100 sf to 1700 has been tricky for organizing)
  • Figured out how to pull the D/W out so I could see behind it (AFTER the shooting water fiasco)
  • Found the point-n-shoot digital camera memory card that's about 1cm x 2cm small
  • Controlling the constant sibling rivalry (which really means "fights," and end-of-the-world catastrophies of an almost 5yr old
  • Figure out Webkinz world (if a 30+ year old is having trouble, how's a 5yr old supposed to understand how to make it work)

Anywho, I'll be back with fun stories, pictures and questions for you to answer...

Q: High heels are sooo pretty, but why can't they be comfortable too?


La Yen said...

Yeah, I didn't email. I suck. Sorry about that.

And Webkinz is super-addicting to my nieces. ALL DAY they play.

And hooray for post-coma. That is fabulous!

b. said...

I saved one of your messages on my phone and played it...just today. So I can hear your voice.

AzĂșcar said...

They are comfortable, if you pay enough for them.

(Missed you.)

Geo said...

They would have been comfortable for you if you'd bound your feet into sharp little points like you were supposed to growing up.

No, I didn't remember either.

You are reinforcing my philosophy that LIFE IS MESSY, love. I am sorry you're getting a lot of tough things thrown your way. I hope everything that's currently out comes back in, and that it doesn't take twenty years like in the fashion world.

Love you!

compulsive writer said...


I bet the cop pulled you over because he was hitting on you.

Geo said...

Oh, yeah, what a dork. I meant to say HAPPY BIRTHDAY. xoxo

luckyzmom said...

Things can only get better now!-D

Bruni Bunch said...

Wow, you have had alot going on. Hope all of your stuff gets better:)

Amy C. said...

I don't know you, but I read your blog. :-) Are you still shooting, or is that on hold for a while? I miss seeing your work! :-)

Tiffany Twisted said...

They are amazing ... you can either pay enough for them to come comfortable, or i'm a big proponent of the dr sholes (sp?) gel inserts for heels :) smooth sailing.