09 June 2008

Back of My Hand

"I know it like the back of my hand." Am I the only one that doesn't know the back of my hand? I mean, when I look at it I know it's mine, but if I had to, say, draw it without looking, I'm pretty sure I'd fail. Looking at them now, I can see that there ARE distinctive markings that probably aren't the same as someone else. Here, I'll take a picture (it'll last longer) and we'll break it down. On my left hand, my middle finger nail bed is funky from a meat slicing incident, Halloween 2000 (may it rest in peace). Luckily my nail grew back so I don't have to sport a snaggle-nail. Then I imagined ever since I was a little girl, that the backs of my hands pressed together in utero in a way that gave me those triangle freckles (little girls think of the craziest stuff sometimes).

Speaking of little girls... Piper calls her freckles her "beans," even though she knows they're actually called freckles. Here's one of her "beans" and B.A.C.A. tattoo... Then on my right hand I have a 6cm pink circle that's magical. When pressed, it disappears for a short while. No, it's not melanoma, just a funny little blood spot that I can use to amaze the gullible.

Even though I've taken pictures and explained, in detail, what the backs of my hands look like, I'm still not sure that I KNOW them enough to use the phrase correctly.

Q: How well do YOU know the back of your hand?


La Yen said...

Very well--partly because I have 4 large, gnarly scars on my right hand, but also because I have three small scars on my left hand.

And I have convinced Lil ~J that I am magical because EVERY one of my freckles is in a triangle of some kind.

compulsive writer said...

Wrinkles and age spots. And short fingers. I have never loved my hands.

But I find freckles endearing.

Suzie said...

you are a clever blogger.

Lucky Red Hen said...

Thank you, Suzie (you are really smart) ;)

luckyzmom said...

I would know those hands anywhere.

Geo said...

That's cool that you have matching constellations.

I think I might have to take this back-handed challenge and follow your photo example on one of my blogs.