16 April 2008

Sell Your Kids

Didn't realize this really was an option until Piper mentioned it at bedtime tonight... Me, way past bedtime having to tend to Piper again: Grrr, why aren't you guys asleep already? Piper, bright-eyed and bushy-tailed: We're just not tired, I guess. Me, ready for the AI results show: Well, you're driving me nuts! Piper, as sweet as an angel: So are you going to take us out and sell us to another family?

Both of us: giggle ... giggle


Darrell said...

News headline: AI result show instigated selling of kids"!

luckyzmom said...

Too cute! You could get a pretty penny!%}

Geo said...

Is this going to be an auction, or do you have a BUY IT NOW price?