17 April 2008

Christmas Photos

We're way past Christmas (has it really been that long?) and I'm trying to organize this house. Seems that the places I thought would work for things aren't so I'm rearranging. Don't even get me started on the garage (looking forward to Ben making shelves so we can find stuff). We still haven't unpacked everything, so I wonder if my attempts to organize will be shot once we open the rest of the boxes.

Anywho... as I've been shuffling, I came across my precious Christmas photo cards and pictures that friends and family send every year.
For the record: I LOVE getting photos from friends and family, anytime of year.
But now I wonder what to do with them. They'll certainly not go in the trash (I don't throw friends and family in the trash, thank you). I'd rather them not spend the year in a box somewhere. There are too many for frames (although they all DESERVE a coveted spot in a frame, but I don't have the space to then put those frames). Not being a fan, the traditional peel and stick albums aren't an option, especially because I'd like to have them alphabetized then add to them each year.
Ooh, that reminds me of something that might work... but I still wanna know if you have ideas.
I diiiiid see a cutecutecute album thingy that a friend at church made for each of her girls. It was a SUUUPER simple idea, although she did WAY more than my short-attention-span could handle (in a scrapbooky sort of way). Right about now would be perfect for a visual aid, but I don't have one so you'll have to use your imagination.
It's an A to Z book. Each letter has it's own page. Each page has a picture of the subject of honor doing the particular letter, like: asleep for Sleeping, laughing for Joy, looking cute for Cute, holding a ball for Ball. Then each page had simple lettering added such as "S is for sleeping" applied with the S being a die cut. To finish, each page is laminated (thickly), hole-punched and attached using a simple binder ring (kinda like a skinny metal shower curtain ring) with matching ribbons knotted to it. SOOO cute!
Q: So do YOU have any ideas for the Christmas pictures?


Queen Scarlett said...

I could use some ideas... BUT... that picture of yours is BEAUTIFUL.

Lucky Red Hen said...

Thanks, Queen... I sent you one, didn't I?

Trisha said...

I have a scrapbook/holiday journal of each holiday season. I keep my favorite cards and any play/movie stubs and write a quick journal of what we did that year. It is really fun to look back on. I keep it simple so it will actually get done. That is a really good picture of you all!

Lucky Red Hen said...

That's a great idea, Trisha! What an easy way to journal (by year). Do you put all the Christmas pictures from friends/family in it too?

luckyzmom said...

I once saw a picture collage made on one of those redo shows where they took a bunch of photos like you are talking about, arranged them artfully on a big board, attached them when they looked good, then added glas and a frame. Really turned out nice.

c jane said...

Dear Lucky,

Can we live next door in heaven?


Elena said...

No ideas from me, Shannon, but the pic of your family is super adorable. I am so happy I finally know what they look like :) BTW, Hot Chocolate said to tell you HI!!!

sue-donym said...

You have no idea how hard I am laughing right now. Last night I was cleaning out my dresser drawer and ran across THIS VERY PICTURE and was thinking "I really need to decide what to do with all the friend pics I get".

CJane - How presumtuous.

Geo said...