26 January 2008

Yummy Dinner

Piper often compliments whomever cooked dinner by saying, "Thank you for this yummy dinner." When cranky, she'll say, "No thank you for this yucky dinner." But I think she's only said that maybe twice. Tonight, Ben made dinner (spaghetti, broccoli, fresh pineapple and bread). He asked her, "Piper, is this the yummiest dinner?" She replied, "Well, the spaghetti is yummy but not everything on the menu tonight."

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Tandra said...

I just found your blog, thru A Feathered Nest blog.
I wanted to name my daughter Piper, and husband poo-poo'd that idea! I love that name.
We named her Halo instead! anyways... Hope you are feeling better. A back that is out is horrible!