28 January 2008

Stuff to Take to a Family

My back is on the upswing, although not back to normal (whatever that means these days). Saturday afternoon I realized I probably wouldn't be able to give my talk in church the next day, so I sent an email to let them know. Sure enough, the next morning I'm still horizontal and send Ben and kids off with my encouragement that Ben would represent our family well in front of the congregation. When they got home, Ben told me the Bishop excused me by saying that I had a MEDICAL CONDITION. I guess Ben mentioned that meant my back was out so I didn't end up being the talk of the town for the week. The best part? Judy brought over yummy, still-warm, straight-out-of-the-oven, homemade wheat bread! WARNING: spoiler coming if you're wanting to bring me something I want... Now THAT'S the kind of treat I like delivered to my house! I KNOW, crazy that I don't want sweets. A list of non-dinner ideas to bring a family: bowl of cut up fruit fresh veggies, washed and ready to chomp into baked bread (maybe with a homemade jam or special butter) salsa (tomatillo salsa is refreshing; will post the recipe if you want) and chips pasta sauce (having a yummy sauce to pour over quick noodles) a craft kit for the kids (construction paper, glue stick, crayons & instructions) few leftover magazines you've already finished (even if they're older) some easy-to-make recipes pencil with some sudoku games(www.KrazyDad.com) printed on lightly-colored paper chicken salad in a sandwich bag that's easy for mom to make her lunch fixin's for the kids to make snacks (ants-on-a-log, peanut butter crackers) your kids can get in on the fun and send some of these for the kids {edit} WendySue: paper products so they don't have to do dishes, +1 on cut-up fruit/veggies Q: Do YOU have suggestions to add to this list? Put them in the comments and I'll edit the post as they come in :o)


wendysue said...

so, it's not really 'green' but how about paper products so you don't have to worry about dishes and clean up?

And I totally 2nd the fruit and veggies. . .I would eat that all the live-long day if someone would just cut it for me!

Anonymous said...

Shannon, so sorry your back is giving you problems. I hope you get better soon.
sorry dont have any ideas but wanted to say hope you get better soon!

Eddie Bojorquez (Studio 512) said...

The food thing made my head explode so I don't think I can help but I do hope you feel better. I have a trick back too so I know that back pain is the WORST. BTW, that map thing is cool - and frustrating. Places I've been I still sometimes mess up. 91 is all I can do but I may have to give it another shot some time. Hope you're well soon!

MattDJ said...

Awesome ideas Shannon! How about adding a family movie so the family can have a movie night! We love movie nights!!!

Many blessings to you my friend. Hope your back improves pronto! :-)