05 August 2007

Me & My Boys

Today, I am blessed. It was our last Sunday at church before we move to Washington and I couldn't maintain my composure no matter how much I told myself I would. Even writing this I am getting all weepy (therefore I must stop because my head hurts too much and my eyes are tired of the tears). These are My Boys (the other two are on missions) and I am VERY proud and protective of each one of them. In this picture they are protective of me and pose as my bodyguards. I'd like to write wonderful things about them but I can't without bawling so you will just have to know I have a special place in my heart for them that will never go away. Here I go getting all teary again so I'm done. I love y'all :o) xoxoxo


KimbaLee said...

Look at those fun ties! :) I always hate goodbyes, I get weepy too. Good luck this week, I know how crazy it is to move across states! Can't wait to hear how it goes....

Geo said...

That is an incredible picture. I feel like I'm looking at superheroes, four of them. Superheroes of the latter-day variety. No capes, no spandex, just the armor of righteousness. I know that sounds excessively cheesy, but I mean it. Looking at the picture instantly filled me with . . . well, you know, the Spirit! No kidding. I want to cry too looking at you with your boys, and it's not just because I'm on the last 27 hours of my crazy camp-prep marathon. (I'm not going to crazy camp; I'm going to girls camp. But it's been a crazy week, for many reasons.) (I probably should be going to crazy camp.)

In less than a week's time, we have gone from having 1-2 of our 3 active girls wanting to attend camp to a whopping group of 11, which for our neighborhood is unheard of. Most of the girls who are going to Shalom with us are non-members or "less actives" (aka, LDS in name only). We have unearthed a group of 16 YW altogether who could be attending our group. Lots of Latinas. Lots of girls from difficult, underprivileged homes. Lots of challenges. I could go on and on, but as I said, I'm on my last 27 hours, and this has been a compicated ride so far, with me having been called only a short time ago and and with a serious shortage of other leadership. Gotta get those ducks in a row. Here, ducky, ducky, duckies!

Your photo makes me want to cry for several reasons:

1. the Spirit
2. I feel sick and sad that I haven't been in the right place at the right time to take part in your send-offf(s). And I probably won't get to.
3. It's going to be a while before I make it to Seattle. (But I hope when I do, you'll be open to crossing paths!)
4. I heart you.
5. I hope one day soon I will be privileged to have a portrait something like this taken with my tribe of wild women, and that we'll all have a similarly beautiful light shining, oozing, radiating, beaming out of us.

Gotta go now and do a million things. Love you, Lucky.

Geo said...

P.S. I stole your picture.

Lucky Red Hen said...

They ARE superheros! Awe... loved all that you had to say and, yes, we're forever friends so you BETTER cross my path when you're in the NW. I'll be back to visit often (one has football games that I hope to see at least once, another is mission bound and I have little odds n' ends here and there).

I heart you :o) Good luck with camp (I anticipate it'll be an awesome experience for all who are there)!

Jeanette Sanchez Photography said...

Hi Shannon, nice shot...handsome! Have a safe trip home.

Melody said...

I love how those ties match your Harley. Miss you. Hope things are great!

colinmichael said...

Good luck in the move!