15 July 2007

Motorcyle Trailer Shopping

We're still chugging away at getting ready for the big move.
Today I asked a friend at church if he'd help me figure out what used motorcycle trailer to buy online (KSL.com hosts a FREE classified section and there is a TON of stuff on there). Good thing I asked because he actually has a 6mo old one that he doesn't need anymore because he's sold his bikes! Yay!
I plan to trailer my Harley up to the new house then sell the trailer since U-know-who-hauls wants over $250 just to rent one of theirs. I'll buy his for $450 and even if I sold it for $350 I'd still be saving $150. Now that's good thinkin'! Plus, he'll show me how to properly attach the bike so I don't have to worry about it falling off (already have had nightmares about it).
Speaking of KSL.com... I've put some of our big furniture up there for sale that we can't fit in the new house (we're going from our 3301 sq ft house down to 1760 sq ft). We are a non-smoking, clean home and take pride in our stuff. Maybe you likey?
queen size futon in GREAT condition with sliding drawers underneath (one needs glue to keep it together)
and pillows included $200

Would anyone want this for $15? I was hanging my necklaces on it in my bathroom or used it for holiday decor (Halloween, Easter and Christmas).

Pine can-be-painted entertainment center in EXCELLENT condition with 3 rolling drawers (need some work because they sometimes get stuck) and 2 shelves $350 (27" TV $100).

weathered black wooden & metal patio 4-piece set $25

white "shabby" solid wood table/desk $150

This was my grandfathers and needs a little work (pegs don't stay stuck in their holes... need glue) with a cool, old leather seat $75

plant stand? We used it for Piper's books (lower shelf) and toys/stuffed "aminals" in her room. Creamy white with sage green detail $25

The German armoire I've spoken about. HUGE and HEAVY. The left 2 doors open to a large compartment with a shelf above then the right door has several adjustable shelves. 3 drawers underneath. Breaks down into pieces for easy moving. Some rickety pieces since it's over 80yrs old and shipped from Germany $500

Matching dresser to the German armoire. 4 drawers with one missing handle (but I actually have it somewhere and will mail it when I find it after the move). Marble top is cracked into 2 pieces but it's not that noticeable and actually looks kinda cool. Mirror included and sets on top of marble $250 (buy both German pieces for $50 off)


luckyzmom said...

The armoire, dresser and mirror was, at the very least 50 years old when we bought it in Germany 30 years ago.

Your grandpa always said that the rocker was 400 years old!

Good luck. I hope they all find good homes.

The futon is a fabulous thing to take a nap on as well as for sleeping. I did both many times.

Julie P said...

I want the "plant stand"! I thought "ooh - for kids books!" then read your comment. Perfect. Is it taken?

Lucky Red Hen said...

Thanks, mom, for the clarification :o)

That futon will be missed because it's really great to sleep on (whether as a couch or bed).

Julie...the plant stand is YOURS with your cash payment in my hand!

Azúcar said...

You aren't going to believe this, but my parents have a similar armoire/wardrobe and chest of drawers from Switzerland that they also shipped over. Down to the marble on the top, the decoration, the hardware, it’s the same. They also have the twin beds and nightstands to match. I love that set.

If someone is interested in Shannon’s set, I say get them, the patina on the furniture is incredibly gorgeous. The set my parents have is about a hundred years old, which Shannon’s looks to be the same. We used to try to get to Narnia through the wardrobe.

They are durable and beautiful--simple and stunning. /end testimonial.

Azúcar said...

p.s. Just to clarify, those are turn of the century pieces of furniture and a STEAL of a price.

Azúcar said...

p.p.s. if you buy them and paint them I will hunt you down like a dog.

These are Antiques Roadshow quality.

Lucky Red Hen said...

Wow! With a testimony like that I might just have to find a place to fit them in our new house (which I will do if I don't sell them - they are NOT going to D.I. or given away).

compulsive writer said...

Please tell me no one has taken the patio set and the tree. SOLD!

~j. said...

I will get back to you on this very soon.

Lucky Red Hen said...

The patio furniture is SOLD to the lovely CW.

Anonymous said...

My 12-year old wants your futon. Do I need a truck?

Rebekah said...

I want that freakin' tree. Do you still have it?