13 July 2007

The Easy Way to Stop Smoking

Editorial Review for The Easy Way to Stop Smoking from Amazon.com: A new edition of the revolutionary bestseller, with four million copies in print. Allen Carr’s innovative Easyway method—which he discovered after his own 100-cigarette-a-day habit nearly drove him to despair—has helped millions kick smoking without feeling anxious and deprived. That’s because he helps smokers discover the psychological reasons behind their dependency, explains in detail how to handle the withdrawal symptoms, shows them how to avoid situations when temptation might become too strong, and enables them to stay smoke-free. Carr discusses such issues as nicotine addiction; the social “brainwashing” that encourages smoking; the false belief that a cigarette relieves stress; the role boredom plays in sabotaging efforts to stop; and the main reasons for failure. With this proven program, smokers will be throwing away their packs for good. Read the Customer Reviews about the middle of the page. My mom and dad (who's smoked most of their lives) and brother (who's smoked about 10 years; he asked for a quit smoking gimmick for Christmas one year - didn't work) quit by reading this book. They've tried other methods before, with no lasting success so I highly recommend this book to anyone who's interested in kicking the habit. My brother has given this book as a gift to 6 of his friends and 10 of them have quit (are you trying to figure out the math? ...4 friends borrowed the book). BTW: it's cheaper at Walmart.com (especially with the 97 cent shipping and $9.76 price tag). I pre-ordered Eclipse through them, guaranteed delivery on Aug. 7, and got the hardback delivered for under 12 dollars!