02 February 2007

ABC Meme

A – Available or Single: Neither, I’m happily married (9yr anniversary this year) to Ben. B – Best Friend: My Lisa, 10 yrs this year; but I have numerous “besties” (you know who you are). C – Cake or Pie: Pumpkin pie (anytime of year) or cheesecake (our wedding cake my mom fabulously made; 5 tiers and all handmade). Brownies. D – Drink of Choice: Lemonade, preferably pink. Raspberry Italian Soda with Cream. Hot chocolate with Postum (lots) or Pero (teaspoon) and hazelnut flavoring. E – Essential Item You Use Everyday: Computer. On it throughout the day, usually. I should be using my camera everyday (getting my new one on MONDAY - I'm so excited). F – Favorite Color: To wear, pink and/or brown. To look at, red and/or black. G – Gummy Bears or Worms: Pronounced “goo-me” (Gumi) in Germany and soft, squishy bears all the way (although I could do without the green ones). H – Hometown: Don’t have one but some I say are Clovis (6), Spokane (6) and Seattle/Redmond (5); I say I’m from Redmond, WA (born in San Diego). I – Indulgence: Éclairs; I prefer them naked (without the chocolate on top unless it's REALLY good chocolate but the grocery stores usually just pile icing on top - barf). J – January or February: February because it’s closer to getting winter over with. Ben and I celebrate VD either before or after the actual day (14th) but not on Friday or Saturday. K – Kids and Names: Jack is 7 tomorrow and he’s named after my grandpa who didn’t sire children of his own and Piper who’s a kick in my pants. I hope that there are 2 more out there (but I’m not physically birthing them); a boy that was born in ’01 and his sister who was born in ’02 and they are mentally, emotionally and physically sound (within reason, of course); orphans? L – Life is Incomplete Without: Faith in Jesus Christ and our Father in Heaven. Or Pringles. Or forgiveness. Or Chapstick. M – Marriage Date: March 28, 1998 (I picked March because it begins with M and the 28th because that’s my birth date in May (write that down because I like gifts if they're EXACTLY what I ask for or VERY sentimental or thoughtful) – so all Ben needs to do is remember the 28th in any Month that starts with M). N – Number of Siblings: One younger brother (by 7 yrs), Jason, who was almost Matthew. We’re not uber close but I love him and glad he’s a good guy. Then there are Ben’s siblings: Bridgette & Mark, Britanny & Jake, Brett, Bryant and Brad. O – Oranges or Apples: Tangerines; sweet & sassy. Love the smell. P – Phobias or Fears: I don’t do well with heights. My fear is my children getting hurt, maimed or killed (especially in the street). Q – Fave Quote: You’re unique; just like everyone else. –and- You don’t make time. Time is always there. You just decide what to do with it. – Yours truly R – Reason to Smile: My children who are the funniest kids I know. Or when my husband makes me laugh (he can really make me bust a gut even though he's not a comedian). S – Season: Fall for the crisp air, turning leaves, sweaters, bundling up on the couch, cider, Hot Pumpkin Surprise Cake with fresh whipped cream, sunsets and fireplaces. T – Tag 3 or 4 People: b., cjane, elpasorepresentyo, formerly phread. U – Unknown Fact About Me: Not much that people don’t know about me because I’m too honest. I had breast reduction surgery in 1994 and hope to again now that I'm done having kids. V – Vegetable You Don’t Like: Green peppers; abhor them but wish I liked them. W – Worst Habit: Chewing my finger skin (not my nails). Buying things on sale BECAUSE they're on sale (thinking that I'll have use for them someday). X – X-rays You’ve Had: As a baby with broken femur, right middle finger (basketball) and back. Y – Your Fave Food: Anything with a white sauce (preferably Alfredo), medium-rare filet mignon, peanut butter cookies, Tom Kah Gai, Bags of Gold, chocolate & Wendy’s fries (but not all in the same meal). Z – Zodiac Sign: Gemini but I don’t put much stock in the Zodiac. I do, however, have a fun time with the Chinese New Year. This (2007) is MY year (the Boar) beginning February 18th when it officially begins.


Toni said...

Too funny! Think I might need breast reduction surgery- if you get a chance read my posts from yesterday, and you will understand- :~)

Lyle said...

May. May's a good month. 28th is a good day. Mine's the 29th.

Married in March too.

There are a few other similarities as well, but then my comments would be the size of your post and that would be tacky.

luckyzmom said...


I didn't know about the pumpkin pie.

New camera!!!!

When I was very young yellow was my favorite color and I have gone back to that (from green and before that blue) so you may someday return to purple.

P~kids,me too.


W~me too,plus scratching head.

~j. said...

You and Ben celebrate VD?

Azúcar said...

I always thought VD was more of a laughing matter than a celebration.

compulsive writer said...

Among some of my friends (at our advanced ages, you know) VD stands for Vasectomy Day!

Anonymous said...

hey we met at the noni bridal show. i am the floral designer that is friends with becky, darla, and jen. your blog makes me laugh i am glad that i was bored on a bummed out night. you have liften me up a bit and made me smile thank you!
Audrey O'Brien

Jumanjijuice said...

Hey! I know Audrey, Darla, and Lucky Red, 'cause I'm that Jen mentioned above! Love your alphabet. Did you go to OSPW? You lucky dog/hen if you did! Call another Lucky PUG on one of my many under employed days, so I can come. We can have it here, but you guys think Springville is far, far away ( its one exit past Provo!)

La Yen said...

That is a lot of letters. I will work on it.