26 January 2007

LDS Living Single survey

My cute friend, Rebecca Cengiz, has a new project she's working on in regards to "being single in a culture of couples." If you are LDS and single, click here to participate in a survey. If you are LDS and not single and want to participate then please forward the survey to your single LDS friends.
P.S. I've been working on my new website (very exciting); that's why I've been a little blogectful recently.


Elizabeth-W said...

Love the survey. My sister is 31 and single. Will definitely pass it on.

Rebekah said...


That's a cute picture of you;)

Emily said...

Hey! Rebecca Cengiz is my cute friend, too! How fun to see a picture of her on your blog! Please tell her hi from Emily Craig.

scribbit said...

I'm a big believer in that--just eating the right-sized portions of healthy food and getting occasional exercise when you can will generally (baring any health problems) get you to an appropriate weight. You may not look like a supermodel but then that was never my goal to begin with.