02 September 2006

"Excuse me, where's the toilet paper?"

There's something about me. Something that makes people think I wear one of those blue vests that reads "How may I help you?" Today it happened twice while shopping/browsing/people-watching at Swiss Days in Midway, Utah. Cathy is my witness. Actually, now that I'm recalling the instances, I think it was 3 times. Anyway, this happens everywhere I go; Walmart, Target, the grocery store, boutiques, etc. Them: "Excuse me, where's the toilet paper?" Me: Well, I don't work here but it's 1/2 way down on aisle 3. Them: "What size is this bracelet?" Me: This isn't my booth, but it looks like it's for a 3-5 year old. Them: "Do you have anymore of these?" Me: No, I don't. Them: "How much is this?" Me: $13.95 or 2 for $25. Them: "What's this for?" Me: It cleans out ear wax. Them: "Do you have these in my size?" Me: No because your size shouldn't wear things like this.


Julie said...

Um...do you know the answer to all the mysteries of the universe?

AzĂșcar said...

You just LOOK like you know what you're doing.

The other day I turned to ask a lady in Target about some clearance items only to correct myself immediately. She was wearing a bright red shirt with khakis to Target, what does she expect?

~j. said...

Maybe she works at Staples, and was at Target on her lunch break, and doesn't really know where the shoelaces are.

Not that that ever happened to me when I worked at Staples. (But I did help people when I knew where things were -- it was pretty funny when they read my shirt and realized that I didn't work there, only probably just spent too much time there.)

BowlerGirl said...

Haha! I totally feel your pain. Everytime that I go to a craft store, grocery store or where ever I'm suddenly accosted by inquiring minds that need to know. It's just so weird sometimes!

Bek said...

I hate it when I do that because I feel so stupid!! No that it happens that much anyway.

I HATE Swiss Days. I LOATHE it. It comes from years of having traffic blocked and from having to work at the Homestead, blah, blah, blah. I haven't been in years, but it is still just a bunch of crafty crafty toll painted stuff? :-) If you didn't grow up there I am sure it is great.

Did you have a Swiss Navajo Taco?

cazmom said...

I make a point of taking my Costco employee badge off when I go over to the warehouse specifically because I can't answer any questions anyway if I'm spotted and asked. "Where did the potting soil get moved to?" me: "we carry potting soil?" "Where are the rotisserie chickens?" me: "back there by the meat I think"