03 September 2006

Beautiful Eggs

I'm not sure if I've told you about my eggs. Not the kind in my body (which won't be producing any more human beings). No, the ones in my fridge that I don't think I'll eat. They're not bad, rotten or spoiled. Here's the story of how they became (other than out the behind of a chicken). At church last month, Kent told me about Scott, a fellow motorcyclist in our neighborhood. He took a tumble. A major tumble on his bike with a deer. Just a few houses away, on his way to work, a deer popped out in front of him and it was too late to avoid. He suffered several broken ribs, gash in his head, road rash on his side, slice up his shin, a broken clavical and a few dozen eggs smashed in his saddlebag. The deer, well, he was done. I went to Scott's house with a card and a smile (I was dressed; it wasn't the kind of smile with a birthday suit - 'cause I know that's what you were thinking). Tried to make cookies to take with me, but they turned out CRAPPY - seriously. Little Lo Down is a gourmet pastry chef compared to my baking. We visited about riding and family then his wife and son took me out back to show me the mangled bike and the chickens. They were SO pretty (the chickens, not the mangled bike)! Told them about my Lucky Red Hen business name and they sent me home with some fresh eggs; 18 beautiful white, light blue, MS blue-green, brown and terra cotta eggs. My problem is that they are too pretty to eat. It's been a couple/few weeks now and I think they might be expired anyway. I feel bad because they sent me home with them to share with my family but I just can't bring myself to bust them open. I suppose I could've cracked the white ones but the colored... too pretty. So I'll probably blow out their innards out and display them in a basket. Of course I decorate my kitchen with a few chickens, hens and roosters so the eggs will fit in well. That's my egg story.


c jane said...

I am so glad you blow out the eggs, I was starting to think I was the only one.

Julie said...

Make sure you blow, not suck.

compulsive writer said...

The eggs are beautiful.

You have to see my kitchen.

Word of advice. Go ahead and put chickens and roosters in your kitchen. Just don't tell any of your friends. They won't be able to resist bringing home more and more till there's no room at the inn (or the coop, I guess).

I actually have a canning jar of blue, green, brown and white eggs (blown out, of course) on one of my shelves.

Yours will look great!

Lianne said...

They are beautiful. I don't really eat eggs, execpt to cook with. So, losing them to the garbage disposal isn't a tragedy to me.

But eggs as decoration is quite appealing to me.

LuckyRedHen said...


Kristine said...

They really are beautiful eggs. It is hard to destroy things of beauty!
Good luck on your new kitchen decorations!

Bek said...

Lauren's preschool had chickens...the super fancy kind w/ great feathers and plumes, etc.

The kids took turns bringing home the eggs. I couldn't eat ours either. :-)

I think every kitchen needs a kitchen rooster. I have one, but it doesn't match anything. It just is my good luck cooking charm.:-)

AzĂșcar said...

I am sad I did not get to make flan out of those eggs, but I'll get over it. Blow them out!

La Yen said...

I would love to have chickens, but the dogs would eat them. When the dogs get eaten by the feral chihuhuas that roam the neighborhood I will buy chickens.

Bek said...

my dad gets chickens for each of the grandkids every easter. They keep them all summer..the grandkids play and feed them and then in the fall or winter they go "to a farm" and we start over the next year.

They poop a lot.

The preschool that had them said that they weren't too bad but the neigbors hated the rooster.

The most traumatic experience of my life was when I was watching my little brothers and sisters. I was about 12. The neigbors dog had gotten into our chickens and killed them (this was back in the day when WE got the chickens). He showed up on my doorstep with our bloody, dead chickens in his hands to apologize.

Ummmm.... thanks?

I can see why Martha made a whole collection of paint based on the color of her eggs. :-)

Melody said...

I don't have chickens, never have.

Girl, you are a darn fine photographer. Thanks for sharing.

And you can blow out the eggs (probably have by now) to preserve the beauty...they are incredibly beautiful. But I would have eaten them, and here's why.

I have a philosophy: find every beautiful thing you can to bring into your life and use it. Use art. Why just sit back and look at it? Touch it, taste it (okay, maybe not weeks-old eggs) make it part of the day. ..eggs, hand-woven shawls from India, antique tea sets, a Harley (tee, hee), baskets from Fiji, grandma's quilt, flowers from the garden...

It might sound weird, but it's not about destroying something beautiful. It's about incorporating beauty into life in an real and active way.

And if those eggs are locally produced, then, I too, would have used them for flan.

Not really, I have no idea how to make flan. But I do love local eggs. Furthermore, I have no idea why I went on and on about the eggs. I need to go to bed.

AzĂșcar said...

Turns out that unless they've been scrubbed, which gets rid of their naturally protective coating, they might still be good.

BowlerGirl said...

I love farm eggs. All growing up we had neighbors that had chickens. I would often 'watch' the chickens while they were on vacation. I remember how much I loved going into the coop and pulling all those smooth, warm eggs right out from underneath the hen!
Just remember, as pretty as the eggs are, there are always more being made each day. Eat and enjoy knowing right where they came from. That is the best part of it all.

Amy said...

Gorgeous picture!!!!!! We had chickens growing up and it took us a few batches of eggs before we could finally bring ourselves to eat them!! We would go buy eggs at the store so as not to disturb the beautiful eggs we had sitting in our fridge at home. Retarded, I know. But they were just SO pretty!
Fresh eggs do last quite a few weeks. We're so used to buying packaged, processed, date-stamped foods- it's been a while before you get them- plus that scrubbing thing does make a difference. We used month old (refrigerated)"fresh" eggs all the time and they still tasted better than store bought!

cazmom said...

Wow - I've never heard of so many people on one blog having chickens growing up. I don't know what a farm-fresh egg tastes like. I kinda like knowing that my store-bought eggs were never planned to be lil' chicks. I still cut off the ambilical cord when I make eggs. eeewwww.