13 July 2006

Day 2 of What I Did (or did not do) Today

Since I went to bed pretty late last night (1ish, I think), this morning was tough for me to wake. The dog needed to go outside and do her business (she's an entrepreneur) and woke me earlier than I would've liked. Lack of sleep and getting woken up before my time gets me either 1) cranky or 2) a migraine or 3) pissy. So I ate some Pops instead of my Kashi Go Lean then layed on the couch on the laptop looking for motorcycle boots while my kids played video games and hubby programmed on his laptop. Daddy (that's what I call him - an omage to Ozzy Osbourne, Sharon calls him that and I find it endearing) made him & the kids lunch while I scarfed down my famous Dill Chicken Pasta Salad (no, I don't have a recipe - I wing it - so you can ask all you want but I won't create one either). P played Dora on the computer for 10 minutes then I put her down for a nap (at 3yrs old it's awfully tricky sometimes) and tried to take one as well since I had a migraine by then (doesn't mean I wasn't cranky or pissy though - double negative, that's ~j's favorite). An hour later I still wasn't asleep and daddy walked in to save the day. Told P to get up, she hadn't fallen asleep either, and tell daddy mommy's trying to take a nap. I tossed and turned and still didn't go to sleep. Then I remembered something my mom told me about headaches. I won't divulge details but instead of doing what she suggested I thought of something else that's close to it. Tried but it didn't do the trick so I just got up and showered (finally). Then I remembered our neighborhood BBQ was in a couple hours and I wasn't prepared (no shock there). I asked P to go with me to the grocery store but she didn't want to. After a while my 6yr old said he wanted to go with me (which is shocking because he usually fights me when I try getting him to) then P piped up and said she wanted to go; she is J's little copy-cat. We toddled off to Macy's and ran into my friend TS, who I haven't seen in a LONG time since she lives in Orem and that's so far away (heehee). The kids played the shy act (which is the thing that annoys me the most lately), we exchanged our new cell phone #'s and she gave me a magazine that she's in this month after promising to get together at the pool with our kids to catch up. Inside J picked out the hotdogs (at the deli, they're HUGE) and selected a bunch of fresh green beans (courtesy of my mom turning him on to fresh green beans her last visit) and P and I selected Tang for the cooler we would take to the BBQ. Paid for our stuff then remembered that I forgot the ice so I stepped back to the same cashier and charged $1.06 for a bag of ice. She gave the kids suckers that kept them sane until we got home. *I actually finished this whole post, selected all to then do the spell check and it erased every last word. The Recover Post button gave me back 1/3 so now I'm going to breeze through, which might've been the reason why this happened to me --- to speed up the process in the future.* Went to the BBQ with a migraine (but I took 2 Excedrine Migraine pills before I left --- they work wonders with my headaches), saw people, told my hubby I'm so lucky to have him and I love him then walked home with the kids. Oh, before walking home there was a young girl driving down the street and got to the end that's blocked of where she got pissy, turned around and drove faster-than-she-should've back out almost taking out a couple kids, mine being 2 of them. "She's ephen kidding me!" or something to that matter but using the "ephen" to emphasize my seriousness. When I see her again in that piece of crap car I will be giving her my 2 cents. Talked with the north neighbor about his river that runs through my property when he waters the grass, melatonin with his pharmasist wife and scout camp next week then went in to put the kids to bed. Read a book and was ready for teeth brushing when P came to me with the toothpaste container in her mouth (the dispensing end in her mouth) - I snapped at her so she cried and refused to brush. I coaxed her into letting me and we got through it. She has this thing about putting her brother to bed (if we turn off the light she'll freak out, turn the light back ON so that she can turn it OFF), giving him a kiff and shutting his door. They're in bed so I came down and watched this weeks "So You Think You Can Dance" on the DVR but last nights performances got cut out so I didn't get to see them (ticked). I'm bummed that Musa was eliminated because he's hot and I like watching him with Natalie - she bawled and I almost did for her. After that a little SNL with Matthew Perry playing Joey on Friends and Quinton playing Chandler like a wierd gay guy. Then it was Dr. 90210 but it's a rerun about labiaplasty, breast reduction on a female to male transitioner and anal bleaching. H showed up at 11:30pm in my driveway but called before she tried coming in (okay because my door is always locked anyway). Luckily I had my phone with me (I usually don't, that's why I'm bad at answering it). Hubby returned shortly after that and she left about 12:30am. Now I'm spent and should've been in bed hours ago. I hope I get a goodnight's sleep so I don't drag tomorrow. I think I'll put the dog in J's room so he can take her out in the morning and I might get a few minutes more shut-eye. At least not get woken up before my time.


c jane said...

Why, why why is it so fascinating to read posts like that? I get all into it like it's murder mystery.
What happened to the headache?
Where was Hubby returning from?
What would I do if...?
Two thumbs up Harley! Good to the last sentence! I wish I was included somewhere in that day.
"Saw Courtney beat up the girl in the ephen car."

AzĂșcar said...

Just the other night, as Tiff and I were leaving the mall with her adorable tots walking with us, we were ON THE CROSSWALK when some yahoo screamed past us to get to the STOP sign. I yelled at him and his rolled-down window. I ain't 'fraid. I could of taken him. I would of taken him. Who guns it at a cross walk with an 18 month old toddling across it? I'm still a little pissed.

~j. said...

Still have the migraine? I hate those. I think I get them from sunshine. Am I a vampire? What is it I hate? Double negatives? I can't hate them too much - my kids use them when they directly translate spanish-to-english.

Yeah, I hate them.

And effin fast driver stupid girls.

LowLa said...

MUSA WAS KICKED OFF?! That pisses me off. I don't watch the elimination episodes, they get on my nerves.

LuckyRedHen said...

C: not sure why, it went away, he was at a meeting for WOWJones, I'm not sure and I'd video you beating up the ephen girl.

Azucar: glad the beebee's are OK.

~j: yes, you are a vampire & you hate poor grammar.

Lowla: yes, Musa was :o( boo hoo

BTW all: I didn't get to sleep until after 3:30am. When I get past-the-point I kick into high gear. When I was trying to get to sleep I heard a vehicle cruising the neighborhood and stopping, going, stopping so I got up to see if we were being cased. No, it's Winder Dairy - but I got my milk into the house before it got all warm and coddled.

La Yen said...

Why on earth would you bleach your anal? Explain.

compulsive writer said...

Thanks for humoring me with the details of your daily dramas. (Sorry about the migraine thing--ouch!)

Whenever anyone annoys me from their cars--speeding through slow children zones, cutting me off, failing to signal, almost plowing down myself and my three small children in a school crosswalk, driving slow in the fast lane--I'm reminded of my favorite scene from "Fried Green Tomatoes." I am never inclined to beat them up, I just want to ram their cars and scream, "TOWANDA!"

tiff-fay-fay said...

I have a dire need to watch that show each week -- both episodes. I have tried to convince Ava that it's on so she can practice dancing to the music (basically so I can watch it without her screaming andjumping all over me).

I think they should have booted the guy that danced to the Elvis song because the first week they booted my favorite saying he didn't have enough style, and this guy is worse!!!