12 July 2006

Day 1 of What I Did (or did not do) Today

In honor of CW, I am going to post the next handful of blogs with my daily life. She has this CRAZY idea that all our lives (and by ALL I mean those of us in this close-knit blogland) are just honkey dorey and nobody has any problems. Pshaw. Murphy's Law: bad things happen in 3's. This week I found out there's a divorce happening in our family, 1 in our neighborhood that's a friend and my SIL had an emergency surgery to remove fluid from her lungs (one side was working at 3%). Last night we had kinda-distant cousins stay here on their way back to Minnesota; 2 adults and 5 kids. The oldest is 17 & acts like the world is ending, next is a normal boy who behaves splendidly, then a normal girl with beautiful eyes, 4th is the stomach flu victim who barfed on my bathroom shag rug and last is a 9yr old girl the size of my 6yr old boy. That last one was the 1st one up this morning and came up to our rooms freaking the dog into a barking frenzy from her kennel and giggled as it happened. I was right when I thought I needed to wear pj's to bed last night instead of my undies; just knew I'd get a wake-up call and I didn't want to warp whatever child was doing the waking. I drove the mom & kids to the park to play while the hubbies talked "shop". Received a box in the mail from My Lisa with a return-envelope & 2 quarters so I can send her the pictures I took this weekend of her boyfriend, who lives in Utah, and her, who lives in Seattle. She also sent a frame so I can print the best picture and drop it on his doorstep.

I made an appointment for our dog to get spayed/neutered next week along with her shots. Called GNC to make sure they had Melatonin "chewables" in stock so I wouldn't waste a trip. Returned the call of a client requesting a headshot photoshoot and more kids pics. Talked to my landscaper about getting our sod. Rode my bike up to C&B's to show-and-tell and borrow the trampoline tool so my landscaper can take ours apart to then put it back together. B is an EXTREMELY organized guy so when I couldn't find our own tramp tool I knew he'd have his and know exactly where it was. Stopped by T's and let her sit-and-start the bike. We agreed that it's friggin' hot. Drove down to the DMV and registered the bike; liked the ring of the lady who helped me. Swung by GNC and picked up the Melatonin and let the kids look at the water feature outside the store. Kept explaining to the kids that in order to get the ice cream treat they had to be super good while we ran errands. That was a tough request for 2 siblings that find joy in bugging each other (I know y'all are going to say that's what they do; it's just annoying). Swung by the motorcycle shop for 2 tiny tail lights. The guy was really nice and didn't charge me -- points for the parts guy. I'm sure I'll make up for it in other parts I'll need. Talked to the service dept. about a 2 minute shifter fix - they said to drop by with the bike and they'll adjust it. Sweet. The kids finally performed to my satisfaction so we swung through DQ for ice cream cones. The girl got the order wrong and gave us 3 cones and a Brownie Batter Blizzard (ephen yummy) when I only needed 2 cones (kids) & blizzard (me). I didn't realize it until I drove off. Stuck with the dilema of what to do with the extra cone I decided to eat it because it'd melt faster & messier than the blizzard that's in a cup. Pulled up to a kid holding a "get your car washed" sign, explained the situation and offered him the blizzard. He was thrilled (I hope my kid doesn't accept food from strangers). Funny thing though... on my way home from dinner the car wash was closed but the cup and spoon was sitting in the grass right by the corner he was standing on. Litterer.

Finally reached H and insisted we sit down so she can fill me in on life. My kids wanted to run through the sprinkler so I told them to go ahead and get their clothes wet. My son couldn't believe his ears and said, "No, mom, that would not be good." I have a pretty tight leash on those kids - he knew they're not supposed to just jump into the sprinklers with clothes on. They sure had fun though and I got caught up a bit with H.

Went home. Attached my new license plate to the bike and installed the tiny lights then hubby pulled up. No, didn't make dinner - but I'm going out with girls for dinner. Rode my bike (for myself, of course, but mostly for CW tonight) to dinner and had a lovely time with Lisa, Carina, Sistah & baby, Tiffany & kids, Melody's Garden, Compulsive Writer, Sister Pottymouth, ~j and WendySue. Got to ride into the sunset with CW (one of her 7's) on my bike.

Swung by a friends to talk with her hubby about his motorcycle search then ran into C on my way home. She freaked and insisted her hubby was home and would want to see so I reluctantly (just kidding) rode to their house and showed off, yet again.

Got home, iced my back, spent time with my hubby and now writing the blog. I'm spent. It's been a long day. Tomorrow I hope there's not as much to write about because I just realized how long this ephen post has gotten.


tiff-fay-fay said...

Thank you for the verification of my normalcy. I tend to think I run an insane life, and it's nice to see that I have a normal life and an insane mental state. (which was why i only ordered two dr. pepper's at dinner last night and no food. Bottoms up!)

Lianne said...

The running back and forth of kids to errands and events and places just makes me tired.

Someone please tell me why both of my kids over 16 don't have Driver's Licenses?

Thanks for sharing your wonderfully full life.

compulsive writer said...

Tramp tool, huh? Still thinking about that. Mostly because I love the word "tramp."

Pecan Cluster Blizzards are the best.

So now you have the guys at the bike shop as whooped over you as the entire staff at Carrabbas. How do you do it?

Thanks again for the ride. It was perfect!

La Yen said...

I like that you spell ephen with a ph. Much more sophisticated than with two f's.