02 May 2006

My Super Sweet Sixteen plus Pictures

Hello. My name is imsewfunny. I have a problem. I should be working on a quilt that's due this Sunday, but instead I'm watching My Super Sweet Sixteen on MTV. This show is absolutely ridiculous. A very rich family has a bratty, spoiled, rotten, selfish, whiny, snotty, mean daughter that gets away with bossing her parents and everyone else around her. It's stupid and if I'm flipping through channels, trying to avoid something important like cleaning toilets or something, I'll waste my precious time on this stupid show. How 'bout I redeem myself? The last few days I've been productive. Yesterday, I took some bridal pictures of a way-fun girl and will take more at her reception on Friday... And Friday I took some more of a different gal (that reminds me a lot of Dr. Callie Torres on Grey's Anatomy, whom I hope stays on as a regular character - lovelovelove her)... And Saturday I took some pics at a wedding. The brides eyes were awesome and her bouquet had pretty colors. But the cake topper was a hoot...


Bek said...

You are such a good wedding photog! I will stick with children (less stress).

How do I get that shirt? Can I wear it in Africa and add it to the gallery?

compulsive writer said...

First I'm sure it's the due date attached to the quilt that is giving you quilter's block (excuse the pun).

Yes, I love this cake topper, too.

And--as always--great photos.

Finally, I want to see photos of the quilts--all your quilts. E-mail me? (therowleys@iprovo.net)

AzĂșcar said...

Ok...that cake topper...that cake topper.

As you might remember from Sparks wedding, I make cakes for my friends and family. My cousin got married a year ago and I made a really interesting cake for her. She's a sculptor and wanted something relaly unique. Since she loves prairie-style/frank lloyd wright, I made a really low slung chocolate covered cheesecake cake that was quite artistic. She discussed the topper with me (just berries and a copper sculture.) At the last minute her parents saw that topper and just died over it. They wanted it SO BAD on the cake. The problem: my cousin didn't. However, she didn't want to tell her parents no, so she asked me to be the bad guy and "forget it" at home. My Aunt and Uncle were so mad at me.


c jane said...

Great photos. Your first bride is very exotic looking. Interesting to look at (you can tell her I said so...)

Secondly, I was totally that bride dragging The Prof to the alter. So that topper speaks to me.

Carina, I would just about die to see photos of that cake.

c jane said...

I have seen the cake.

It's probably the most beautiful wedding cake I have ever seen.

compulsive writer said...

Carina--I am seduced by the idea of your "really low slung chocolate covered cheesecake cake." And I dont' even like chocolate on cheesecake. You must be really, really, good.

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LuckyRedHen said...

I wanna see a low slung chocolate cheese cake sculpture!!!

Compulsive Sister... pictures of quilts... um, where are those pesky pics... They're not as impressive as you might think. I do small, baby blankies, but I did do ONE adult size last year for a Christmas present (bullseye pattern). It was fun but killed me and my short term attention span.