31 December 2009

My Husband Treats Me Like A Princess

Have I told you lately about how GREAT my husband is to me?!?

(sounding shocked) I HAVEN'T? :-o

Here's a little synopsys at midnight thirty, well past the time I should've been in bed...

For Christmas, we discussed that we didn't need to buy each other presents (except for the red enamel cooking pot I would've bought for myself at Costco and gorgeous silver and red earrings, that I happen to be wearing at this moment, that I told him to buy for me while at Pike Place Market last month; and he said he'd like new underwear, ooh - exciting gift).

But he lied.

Yes, I'd like to announce my husband is a liar.

But, I forgive him. Know why? Because I am spoiled, that's why! It's not like we're loaded with cash (far from it, like a lot of people out there), but he treats me like a princess in non-monetary ways and I can get what ever I want (honestly, and I speak this from the heart, I try REEEEALLY hard not to pull the I-know-you'll-let-me-because-I-can-get-whatever-I-want card).

So I got him a bunch of underwear (woo hoo) and made him a double-layered flannel blanket.

(Want some more honesty? The blanket... I sewed two rectangle pieces of flannel together about 1/2" from the edge all the way around.)

What'd that liar *snerk* get ME (you ask, since this is the POINT of the post)?!? A new (refurbished, that's ok) computer that can handle my photography business (you know, the one I've been meaning to start, FOR YEARS) and some lighting equipment that Glazer's recommended I might need (yes, he drove DOWN to their store, talked with the sales guys and decided on 3 items he thought I could use to better my biz).

Me ... underwear and two pieces of fabric stuck together (no stocking... I thought we weren't doing them)

Him ... new computer, lighting equipment and a pop-up reflector (as well as stocking stuffers of goodies)

There's more good news...

Was it today, or maybe yesterday? I don't remember, the days have been a blur. Ben looked me in the eye (now I think I remember it was yesterday, but that's beside the point... back to my point), and told me that he'll do WHATEVER IT TAKES to help me to make my photography business a success! He explained that I could make appointments whenever I want to and he would be home from work by the time the kids get off the bus so I don't have to work around their school schedule (not that I'd do that every DAY, or very often, but it sure was a HUGE relief to feel that obstacle shatter in my favor). I've got free reign to use my Saturday's for wedding and portrait shoots (however, I'm still a mom and wouldn't just spend every Saturday away from my kids/family, but that helps me to better coordinate my schedule to maximize my time to benefit both my family and clients... win/win!)

So there's my mini-shout about my great hubby ("Hi, hubby!") It's just about 1am so I should scoot off to bed. Ben's at his folks house watching a movie with his brother's and BIL, so I know he won't want to wake up too early tomorrow with the kids either ;)

Awe, teamwork... isn't that nice?

I love you, Ben! Thanks for my GREAT Christmas! Hopefully I'll make your birthday special than Christmas (more underwear?).


EatHealthyBeHappy said...

You are a blessed woman indeed. Ben, all the ladies in the rest of this universe think that you rock [I know that is why I speak on their behalf].

Shannon, you better get out and buy him some more underwear!

Lisa said...

Glazer's is awesome! They give us a HUGE discount when we rent our lights & equipments for our yearly Pictures For A Purpose event.

A good company that supports global causes.

Glad your Christmas was good.

Give Piper a squeeze for me.


luckyzmom said...

Lucky, Lucky you! And bless you both!)

Jessica Hanaumi said...

Sooo sweet! A supportive spouse makes all the difference!

Jessica Hanaumi said...

By the way, what's wrong with Renesmee?!

Erin said...

:) Yay for good Hubby's!

"Lucky" said...

What's RIGHT with Renesmee? ;) Hahaha.

Jess said...

I stumbled on to your blog (I sometimes click 'next blog' when I'm bored). So, this comment is pretty random.

Your husband is great! Congrats on starting your business :o) I have a friend who is a very talented photographer. You should check out her website (http://meaghanelliott.com/).