27 October 2009

Alyssa - Senior Portraits

Blogger is sure being wonky with paragraphs and spacing. So, nothing clever to write today because it'll just get all jumbled anyway. Alyssa is the daughter of one of my BFF's (can't a girl have more than one/a few). My BFF had been begging me for months to come out of haitus and take some pictures... so I obliged. These are my first senior portraits and, for the photog's, entirely edited using Adobe Lightroom (only used Photoshop to add my logo)! Thanks, Alyssa... you're GORGEOUS and make my job E-Z :) [edit] Ugh, the pics look GROSS on here! Not sure why they are distorted and fuzzy :[ P.S. Sorry if you're bored of seeing these images if you already saw them on Facebook ;)


ellen said...

Very nice photos!

luckyzmom said...

She's beautiful and you are incredibly talented.