08 October 2008


(psst... thanks BruceBruceBruce for the 24-70... here are my first images from my new/used lens)
This boy of mine cracks me up. All. The. Time. And he wants to crack up his classmates. All. The. Time. Because of the latter, we've been getting notes from the teacher on a regular basis. His latest offense is sharpening his pencil... he breaks it so that he'll have to get up and sharpen it. That's not the problem (so much), but on his return to his desk, he fake-trips down the aisle. Not once, not twice, but three times in ONE trip, causing disruption of the class with giggles and guffaws. That's my boy, my funny little boy.
So the teacher gives the kids warnings up on the board. You'd think this was embarrassing, but it doesn't seem to bother him. [For those who don't know him, I should explain that he's a gooood kid, not violent, kind and helpful, talks cleanly and is a favorite among his peers and leaders. He's a sweet boy who loves to snuggle, draw, create and explore.] At a certain point he'll have to suffer some minutes from recess to stay in class and be put to work (which he LOVES doing) and writes up his own note about his behavior for us to sign and return.
Today's read (spelling intact):
I owed recess because I cept draking my pencil (his b's and d's get mixed up).
I think I can improve by not having to get this sheet ever agian.
(His previous couple notes home read: I think I can improve by not doing it agian.)
We've emailed the teacher and I stopped by the school and talked to her AND his last year's teacher to show that we're committed to nipping this in the bud and finding a way for him to express his personality without disrupting the class and causing havoc for the teacher.
Another funny about him today was his spelling test practice.
Instead of DIDN'T he spelled DI N'T and I couldn't help but go into Ebonics and say with some sass, "Oh NO you DI N'T!"
We laughed and he eventually got the proper spelling down pat :)

And this little girl, she just warms my heart. I'm going to have a handful of somethin' with her later, but so far she's happy as a clam at 1/2 day kindergarten. As she gets off the bus at the end of her day, the entire bus of her classmates shout their farewell's and she pops her hand up in the air in a quick traditional princess wave without looking back :) THIS little stinker on the other hand... she's REAL cute, but REALLY noisy when she spies something move outside our windows. She'll perch herself at the back door and tennis-style watch for runners or dog walkers (the occasional horses too) to pass on the trail that runs behind our house. Her freak out bark pierces our ears instead of her intent of warning the passersby. We try telling her that they can't hear her, but she just won't listen :p We're decked out for Halloween, far sooner than anyone else we've seen in the neighborhood. We [heart] Halloween! I thought this was a funny image... our German armoire that's stuffed with craft supplies and the rack next to it that houses the leftovers. So many projects, so little time. When I look at this picture, I can see so many stories in such a small, little space. The two bunnies, apron, watermelon fabric, glass rocks, two packs of twistable crayons (God's gift to mothers everywhere), ME pin cushion chair, Longaberger sewing basket, the purple cup, the two tiny containers on top of the paper storage and the chunk of fabric on the top shelf. Oh the stories. Hey, look... proof that I [heart] Target too!


compulsive writer said...

Great pics (I hope you never get tired of hearing that--because they always are) and stories.

We miss you!

Bek said...

I love to see glimpses into your sweet family. AND the bit of YOU in the shelves (and we all have them, so far, mine is contained in the armoire, but it is close to creeping out...)

luckyzmom said...

The award winning bunny, I might add!

carrie said...

I just *have* to get my fall decorations out! I'm sooo behind!

Your photos are beautiful! :)

Haley said...

Do you know that you have THE most beautiful children on God's green earth?

Elena said...

They are adorable :) The lens, whatever it is, seems to be great.