21 September 2008

Tiny Fey 30 Rock at the Emmy's

Am I the only one that noticed Tina Fey's (30 Rock) earrings at tonight's 60th Emmy Awards? On one ear, white and black. On the other ear, black and white. Hmmm, Lucky like. (Picture is from last year, not tonight.)

I enjoyed Ricky Gervais' monologue mocking Steve Carell (his timing is spiffy). Especially since Ben and I partook of Ghost Town (I giggled much) on our date Friday night. I'm a new fan!
Who couldn't use a little Steve Carell face time? He makes me laugh.

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luckyzmom said...

I missed the ear fob foolery. How observant of you. We love 30 Rock and I didn't know Tina Fey contributed so much more than her great acting to the show.

I too am a new fan of that funny Ricky Gervais guy.

And, yes Steve Carell is a hoot. Howled with laughter all through "The Forty Year Old Virgin".