18 August 2008

Stephanie & Christian (prayers needed)

I, too, join my friends in prayer (I'm unable to fast due to hypoglycemia) on behalf of my friends Stephanie & Christian for their complete recovery and the comfort of their four small children.

They were in a private plane crash Saturday evening in Arizona (along with their flight instructor, Doug Kinneard, who died soon after the crash from injuries).
If you're the kind, please say a prayer for this remarkable family. If you're not the praying kind, please think kind thoughts for them.
Stephanie's sister, CJane, will keep us posted on their condition.
Images taken at Lucy's wedding a couple years ago
EDIT: Doug Kinneard's SIL posted about his last hours on this earth.
EDIT #2: Stephanie has burns covering 80% of her body, Christian's burns cover about 1/3 of his. Here's a KSL report and another from Arizona.