12 July 2008

Not as Gone as I Hoped

So we didn't leave today as planned. And I am really bummed about that because I wanted to go to church and see my friends tomorrow in Utah. But I'm REALLY bummed because of the REASON we didn't leave.

And this is it...

I've ALWAYS been extremely fair in the sunburning/tanning department. I burn in 10 minutes, and I know better (even lathered Piper up with spf 50 before she scooted off to play at Jetty Island yesterday and sent Jack off to Scout Camp in the morning wearing a bandana around his neck to keep his already burned neck area covered - sunscreened him too). As a side note: Jetty Island with my friend and her kids was a really fun place that I'll go to again WITH SUNSCREEN.

In high school, I went with Elisa Griego and her baptist church youth group to a lake in New Mexico. We drove down in a couple of 10-15 seater passenger vans. I so desperately wanted to get a yummy tan like the rest of the girls so I joined them in their yearly ritual.

Next to the LAKE.

On TOP of the van.

With BABY OIL for suntanning lotion.

For longer than my body should've EVER THOUGHT of being there.

By the time we got back to Elisa's, the damage was already showing and I was in extreme pain. Her mom ordered me to stand in the bathtub and strip down to my undies. I was shivering from the burn. She came in with a jug of vinegar and began to drizzle it all over.

It was a breeze of heaven in my depth of hell.

I may have smelled like a pickle for the next several days, but that homemade treatment took the initial sting out and brought the pain down to a level I could handle.

But that burn wasn't like this one. Now that I'm older (a stiff reminder Tiffany gave me on the phone today), my body doesn't handle things as well as I'd like. This time it's not so much the surface of the skin that hurts, except when the kids walk by and touch it to make sure, but underneath in the swelling, muscles and veins when I stand up to walk or when I sit down. They seem to be better when I'm horizontal and when I'm on ibuprofen. Last night I took a pain killer to get some sleep from the stinging, shooting pain.

I've been sitting at the computer now for an hour and a half to see what condition they'll be in when I stand up so I have an idea if we could leave in the morning. Should I try now and tell you all about it? Okay, good idea. I need to potty anyway.

Alright! Good news! Potty break went well (I'm sure you wanted to hear that) and the legs didn't give me shooting, piercing pain as I stood up. The bigger problem was my thighs being peeled from the vinyl office chair in this hot house. The resting and ibuprofen might be working! Yay!


Holly Havenhill said...

Ouch! I feel your pain. I burn so easily, any yet I still don't put sunsceen on when I know I should!

luckyzmom said...

Oh, baby girl, I am so sorry. It is in your jeans...I mean genes. Grandma and your Uncle were tan 30 minutes after the sun came out and I would be burned to a crisp.

I leave at 11:55 tonight for Virginia.

Are you going to be flying or driving to Utah? My prayers for a safe journey either way.

compulsive writer said...

Ouch! I'm hurtin' just from looking at it. They make some amazing burn creams these days--see if you can get some from a pharmacist--or even just some burn free. They're usually applied to things like stove burns, etc, but they can help sunburns too.


Becky said...

Oh my goodness! That looks so painful. I am so sorry. I have had a burn like that before and it kills.

Demi-Dos said...

I don't even know what to say...I'm just cringing. I know what you mean about how our bodies just aren't the same as they used to be. As a kid I tanned soooo easily. I remember coming to Utah and saying to friends "I don't burn" and NOT putting on any sun screen then as the day went on I started to feel uncomfortable not knowing why...that night was "H". So, now I know that I can and will burn...I think our skin changes with age and babies. I still brown up really nice after...good Luck! I can't wait to see you!

Kimba said...

My best friend Abby and I once fell asleep on our stomach's at Cherry Hill's waterpark. We both took vinegar baths and spent the next three days laying prostrate. I know the feeling!! Have fun in Utah!

Geo said...

Owowowowowowwwww. OW!!!!

Poor you! Been there, suffered that.

When Rob and I were dating, he went off one day for a summer solo hike up a mountain, without any sunscreen. He came home fire engine red and promptly swelled up beyond his ability to move and dress, etc. I've never seen such an incredible sunburn. I remember talking with his frantic mum in Canada and promising to try to take care of him. But what can you really do for a sizzled so-and-so? Aloe, vinegar, and wait.

I hope you're back to rights soon. It would be TERRIFIC to see you in Utah!!

Bek said...

Oh man. That looks PAINFUL. That is what I end up looking like even with sunscreen...


sue-donym said...

But you got a really cool video out of it. So it was worth it, right?

So, so (not so-so, but SO, SO) glad I got to see you!

Lauri's Photography said...

soooooo glad I got to see you! Perry and I realized a little too late that we should have invited you over for dinner. K, next time. :) and we'll send the kids to the park or something.

Sofie said...