24 April 2008

It's About Time

Grey's ... is ... baaaaack (phew). We're having a new family (moved from AZ in Jan) over for dinner. They have two kids our kids' ages, she laughs at all my jokes and her hubby is computer savvy so it's a match made in heaven, right? :) However, they just found out their oldest might have an allergy to food issue (no gluten, dairy and somethingorother; he can eat meat and veggies). It's a new discovery, so they're in the beginning phase of cutting everything out so they can narrow it down. She will bring his own dinner so I don't have to worry about his restrictions, but I sure would like to figure out a way that I can accomodate him while still making fabulous eats. Without a planned menu, I'm open to suggestions that will get the ideas flowing. Maybe I'll just swing by Costco (I need gas anyway) and the dinner will plan itself (that place has a funny way of doing that). Hey, did you hear about the latest rice and oil rationing going on at Costco and other grocery stores? Yikes!


Monica said...

Hallelujah about Grey's finally back on the air. I was going nuts without it. I wonder if they will bring back Private Practice, I was just getting into it.

My youngest was on a similar restrictive diet, and steak and potatoes is always a winner.

Elena said...

Shannon, although is not us that are being invited to come for dinner (sniffles), I am more than willing to share my food knowledge... You know that I am vegan, so check out my food blog for scramptuous recipes: www.eathealthybehappy.blogspot.com. I am aure that one of them will make the kid happy :)