21 January 2008

What are you?

Speaking of Democrat vs. Republican... what do you consider yourself? I took this quiz. They say I'm 82% republican, 18% independant and 0% democrat. I thought I'd be more independant and partially democrat. Although, see last post, I don't realize what is what anyway ;o)


unity at arms length said...

So are you looking at the Party ID to see what you are? My results said I'm an Upbeat, and my group is 56% Independent/No Preference, 39% Republican, 5% Democrat (73% Rep/LeanRep)

AzĂșcar said...

59% Democrat; 40% Independent/No Preference, 1% Republican. Sounds about right :)

Tiffany Twisted said...

I'm an Upbeat too. 56% Independent/No Preference, 39% Republican, 5% Democrat ... At least this "feels" more right. I probably got the 39% Republican because I Strongly Agreed with the fact that I am religious :) That always seems to "bump" you to the Republican side.

(This does not mean that I am assertaining that Azu is not religious :))

Ryan and Susie said...

89% republican, 6% independent, and 5% democrat. That surprised me. I really consider myself a libertarian/independent and don't agree with a lot of the mainstream republicats. Maybe I should take it again.

MattDJ said...

Where do you find these things?! ;-)

I am: Enterpriser
I scored:
81% Republican
18% Independent
1% Democrat

b. said...

89% Democrat, 11% Independent, 0% Republican.
I took the other USA Today quiz too and I have been sort of surpised...

After taking (and retaking it 5 times) the quiz, I came up Hillary every time!

And now this.....things are becoming so much clearer.