02 January 2008

New Years Eve and Day

Last night we had 2 couples over for some no-kid fun; Britanny and Jake, Ben's sister and her husband, and Brent and Emily, our friends (Ben's best friend from HS and our only groomsman). The guys ended up playing Rock Band the entire night while us girls gabbed, ate and gabbed some more. It was WAY fun having them over for girl-bonding. I didn't end up minding that the boys did their thing (secretly, well not so much anymore now that I've published this post, I was a little annoyed when I realized they weren't budging from the game --- but I'm relaxing more when my 'plans' don't go as 'planned' --- as long as everyone enjoyed themselves, it's all good in the 'hood). Emily sang a few songs, she's GOOOD, and Britanny and I choreographed a few doo-wops and hand gestures as backup dancer girls. Rock Band has taught us the real lyrics of songs we've sung wrong all this time (rape and murder in one song repeatedly, yikes). The kids were staying overnight at Grandma and Grandpa's house ("Thanks"). It was their second time doing that without us with them and they had nothing but funfunfun. Piper and Alice (Britanny and Jake's 3yr old) horsed around until 11pm-ish the first time so this time we had other tactics (not sleeping in the same room) and the report back was that they did much better. If Grandma is brave enough to invite them to do it again, hopefully it'll get even easier so that there's no late-night shenanigans anymore. Piper postpones sleeping at our house lately, so it's no surprise, but we hope that the kids are on their best behaviors when outside our jurisdiction LOL. Hopefully when school starts back up again this week she'll get to sleep quicker. For my sanity, if anything. Then today (well, technically 'yesterday' except I haven't gone to bed yet so that still means it's 'today' for me, which is technically yesterday, you catch my drift) we met at a bowling alley for the annual Bowling Tournament. Ben's folks started this tradition YEARS ago with a traveling trophy that gets passed down to the next winner every year. Brett's won two years in a row then Mark stole it last year and wasn't here this year to defend his championship so Ben ended up taking the title (although we left the trophy at the folks since we're mysteriously misplacing everything in the new place since we moved). Here's Jack bowling a frame, with Piper jumping through the shot as any 4yr old will do... dangit... nevermind... I'm learning the YouTube posting thing and it didn't work right. I'll try again tomorrow. Happiness!!!


luckyzmom said...

I am reminded of the ray of sunshine you can bring to a room and was envious of those attending your get together.

Also envious of "other Grandma and Grandpa" to the point of moisture pooling at the corners of my eyes. Dad getting a job closer to you kids would so please me.

HE said...

SO YOU MET MY GRANDMA JAN! I saw that on Peter's blog.

My only other comment is "Are you suprise that Ben, Brent, and Jake played guitar hero all nigh>"

Lucky Red Hen said...

Yeah, HE is right... I'm not surprised :o( hahaha