17 December 2007

My Christmas List

All I want for Christmas is a bathroom door and insulation in the attic. Pretty pitiful request, isn't it? Not diamonds or crafting items, photo gear or shoes. We are a healthy and happy family with no 'needs' that haven't already been fulfilled (because, really, how many needs should we have?). I would just like a door for privacy and noise reduction. The insulation, well that's a no brainer why I would want that... brr and cha-ching. At dinner Friday night, we were told a story about a young family Monica knows (she helps take care of him/them) who are having some incredible hardships. Two under 3 with another on the way when dad is in an accident that leaves him paralyzed from the neck down and unable to work. He's twenty-six and she's twenty-three. Insurance cancels their policy, she has the baby and loses her job (I'm not sure in what order). Hopefully I'll get their info pretty soon so those who are interested in helping their family this Christmas, and beyond, will be able to. They live in Utah. We are blessed and I can't complain. UPDATE/EDIT: Monica sent me this... I read your blog this morning. Thanks for what you said about Ben and his family. Here is a little info... Ben is a friend from Seattle. He has a 3 year old little boy named Aden. Aden is very shy, but very sweet. He likes anything to do with cars. Hailey is 2 and the cutest thing ever. She is more outgoing and often talks for her older brother. She loves kitty's and anything girly. Ben's wife Megan just gave birth to a new baby boy named Kurt Corey Brust after Ben's dad that died a few months ago, and Corey is Ash's little brother thats in Iraq. Baby Kurt is a sweet little guy. Here are a few links with more info about the family. Anyone who wants to help can email me (monica *at* brides club dot com) or they can go to Ash's blog, and he has a donate button for a paypal account.


Monica B. said...

Thank you for that! It means a lot to us. It has been a little overwhelming trying to meet needs. Any help would be greatly appreciated. I'll email you details. Thanks again.

Lucky Red Hen said...

It's not much, but I hope me posting it will help them somehow.

luckyzmom said...

A partial answer to your wish list will be on the way soon. I will also be sending prayers for the unfortunate family. Dad told me just last night about a couple with a similar tragic story. After losing jobs and stuff, she had their baby by c-section, was sent home and the next day the mother was pronounced brain dead. It does make you look at your own situation in a whole new way.