19 November 2007

Hacienda El Carmen, Jalisco, Mexico ii

Free roaming peacocks that would try getting into our rooms.
The all-white peacock that isn't albino - kinda ghostly. Did I show this already? Amazing architecture. I was DYING when this mariachi player was serenading my sweet friend, Elisa Cicinelli. Not that he was singing to her, but that it was EXACTLY like Jack Black in Nacho Libre when he'd flatten his lips against his teeth, almost like he was getting ready to play the trumpet, and sing the "O" in Nacho for a reeeeaaaaly looooong time. This guy held his note FOREVER (and I'm thinking that they haven't seen Nacho Libre, the movie)! Speaking of Nacho Libre... there were guys in the masks along the roads holding up signs for wrestling matches. Alison's beau, Nate, snagged three masks at the fiesta we attended in a non-touristy town. I'm jealous, a little. Here's a little statue that kept us company during lunch and dinner.

The model pics will be coming... I'm pretty proud of them so maybe they should hang out over the Thanksgiving holiday for me.

Did I tell you that I'm hosting Turkey Day at our place this year? We will have 11 adults and 5 children in our 1700 sq ft hut (it'll feel like a hut with that many people here). The last time I cooked a turkey was over 12 years ago when I got one free from work. Not wanting it to go to waste, I started cooking it when I got home from work and figured I would refrigerate it overnight and use it for sandwiches the next day. Well, the next day rolls around and I wake up to the most delightful scent of roasted turkey.

"Mmmm, that smells good. Wonder who's cooking this early in the morning?"

Um, yeah. It was ME. I accidentally left the turkey cooking OVERNIGHT. Luckily nothing caught on fire. I pulled it out and set it on top of the oven, not sure what I'd find beneath the tired foil. I slowly pulled the sides up to find all the meat had fallen off the bone and all I was left with was a sad carcass staring at me in disgust. What a waste of a huge turkey!

I tried salvaging it, hoping to use the meat in turkey salad for sandwiches. But no amount of mayonnaise (not Miracle Whip, thankyouverymuch) could bring that turkey back to life. Sad, I know.

Wish me luck this year since I have 16 people counting on my culinary skills hahahaha!

EDIT, MORE PICS: Here is the first post, the next after this one and the last of the trip.


AzĂșcar said...

Get the oven bags, they are awesome.

And I love that YOU were the one cooking the turkey, that is so something that would happen to me.

Geo said...

You could always order pizza.

I'm way behind on my blog-reading, but . . . your photos look gorge, as always.

luckyzmom said...

I remember when you did have pizza for Thanksgiving that you made yourself for us and it was fabulous! Keep it simple and you will be alright. Are you having others bring anything? Wish I were coming;=8(

Your photography takes my breath away. I wonder if you remember all the times I told you what a great artist you were and you would deny it?

compulsive writer said...

Luck and more!