07 November 2007

Chicken Head

Know how you have those times when you feel like a chicken with its head cut off? Well, lately I'm not sure where mine is. I guess right before I moved until this very moment I've felt that way. There's always something to do, plan or somewhere to go. When this hits, I neglect my blog and that saddens me. Wanting to show pictures with every post, I put off writing if I don't have the time to get one (said "up" then realized I should find another way of saying it) prepared to upload (yeah, doesn't sound right, does it?). I just got back from a few days in Utah for:

  1. A badly-needed hair trim. Not cut... I'm growing it out. There is a small window of opportunity to have long locks again before I'm too old to pull it off. But I was (pinches index finger toward the thumb) THIS close to messing it up today by getting an at-home color-in-a-box. I was standing in the hair color aisle at Walmart trying to figure out which one I should buy (can't remember the last time I used a color-in-a-box). Riley answered his phone, luckily, and talked me off the roof. I was about to jump and it wasn't gonna be pretty. He said, "Don't do it. You need to seek professional help." Maybe he didn't say those words exactly, but that's how I hear 'em and whatever it takes for me to come back from crazy is what I'm going with. Last night I contemplated going short again (I'm in the middle stage where it's just past my shoulders but you can't tell because it isn't long enough to lay against my back and instead forms a dorky flip out making me look quite matronly - I don't want to look matronly, thankyouverymuch). But, luckily, I had encouragement to stick it out. Let's see how far I go. Update: So I started this post a couple days ago and today I got in to see a semi-professional hair artist... it was a beauty school and my gal is all of 17 and still in high school! Yikes... but she did fabulously... took FOUR hours but it's a 100% if I were too hot for teacher (by-the-by... her instructor has a bald head with an eyeball tattoo'd on the back -- if it were two he could say "I have eyes in the back of my head" but it's just one... stumps me).
  2. Lunch with some labies at Carrabba's (Azucar, ~j, Cdub, b., Tiffayfay, Geo and Peef). Had the salmon, needed me some Omega's, and got to participate in voodoo at the table (I contributed the materials and Geo performed the ritual... restaurant manager, Leo, had to help facilitate). Tattoo and voodoo in one and two.
  3. Wicked football game of Colby's that I spent ON THE FIELD taking pictures. So it's the playoff's and security is heightened. I guess the previous weeks game had some drama (as in the other teams coach stomped a pheasant to DEATH on the field; he's been slapped with a cruelty to animals fine) so everyone was on tight alert. I had my gear and asked Colby's dad if he thought I could get on the field to shoot a few. He doubted it but cheered me on to give it the old HS try. With my 70-200mm lens in hand, I marched up to the bouncer guys at the gate to work my magic. Well, apparently my magic preceeds me because I didn't say a word but instantly had a field pass in hand. SCHWEEET! I said "thanks" like I've done this a million times (my first time) and played the part by chatting with the cops as we prepared for the national anthem. I was IN and stayed down there the whole game (except 1/2 time when I joined the fam back in the stands to show them a few shots and squeal about how much fun it was being in the middle of all the action).
  4. Dinner out... went with Colby's family to Chaddar's for the first time. Was cool because they've been sued by In n' Out Burger for copyright infringement and I've always wanted to know what the fuss was all about. Personally, not impressed (but I'm not impressed with INO either... give me a Fuddrucker's anyday). But it was good company and that's all that really matters (especially when I had Carrabba's for lunch).
  5. Shopping with my friend... okay, it was a quick trip to Walmart to find more 2.5 oz travel size Big Sexy Hair (no, I still haven't found it in case anyone out there wants to get me the perfect give or two or three for Christmas, Hannukah or New Year's). But being with a good friend doing something mundane is better than doing something mundane alone.
  6. Getting a second set of six temporary teeth installed (I'm sure that's not the technical term)... my front two teeth were due for replacement after 18 years of cap-tivity (harharhar) so my dentist and lab tech friends convinced me that the best way to go was to do all six to make it look more natural --- I'm extremely pleased with how they're coming along. This time I chose NOT to be sedated (note to self: ALWAYS make arrangements to be sedated) and found out my metabolism (what? I HAVE a metabolism?) is pretty high because I go through the numbing meds like they're soft packages of Suzy Q's cream cakes (m-m-m even though I haven't put one to my lip in years). As I was trying to brave out the last bit of drilling, grinding and chopping so I could try and have use of my upper lip sooner than later (Bart Simpson look-alike isn't what I'm going for), a seriously strong and quick whip of pain thrusted through my torso that hurt so bad I'd rather give birth again (and all my friends know how much I DON'T want to ever do that again). Phew... so excited that I get to endure it all again in December when I get the permanent stuff "installed." I love my dentist(s) and lab tech. I love that I can make them all laugh too. They kept saying something about a labial something-or-other and, of course, I couldn't help but think they were saying something else (if you don't get it, that's good).
  7. Football uniform pictures for Colby's folks (LOVE them) and grandfolks (they're so VERY cool)... I swear (a lot of that going on, huh?) I have some great giggles with that kid and have the pictures to prove it. Won't be able to edit them 'til after next week, darnit.
  8. Bridals for Kristy (absolutely gorgeous girl) at a crazy hospital with her FUN mom and about-to-pop-out-a-baby-any-minute sister who I photographed two years ago at HER wedding. Hopefully I can get a few shots posted to show you before Saturday. Update: no, I won't, because Phil can't see them :o(
  9. Dinner with Cathy (just the two of us and much needed since we hardly get the alone time anymore) at Carrabba's that was beyond packed in the waiting area AND outside (can I just say I LOVE it when I don't have to wait... I make a call and bing-bang-boom I'm in). We both had the tilapia special and had the privalege of being served by the BEST server there (another request)!
  10. Shopping with more friends... stocking up Saturday night for Sunday dinners and laughing over butcher meat.
  11. Sunday went to church and didn't shed a tear this time. When I was there two weeks ago I was a complete basket case and couldn't hold it in. I swore (see, more of it) this time I would try and keep my cool, and I did. I miss everyone there so very, very much. Because we didn't have family there, they were my family. They ARE my family still. Great, NOW I'm gonna cry. Gotta get off the computer and take my mind of it.

Will do my best to get some pics for you to see soon. Peace out.


Lyle said...

So is this your way of telling me what me [or my wife] is in for when we complete this move to Lincoln?

If I see a head rolling by without a body, I'll be sure to latch onto it and send it back your way.

Lucky Red Hen said...

Maybe, Lyle, maybe. I cannot vouch for anyone elses feelings since I couldn't vouch for my own then either. I seriously had NO CLUE I'd be so broken up about moving. I've done it DOZENS of times throughout my life and this one definitely takes the cake. The FRUIT cake.

By the way... the BIG SEXY HAIR in the 2.5oz can is the aerosol hairspray (not the shiner, spritzer, detangler or whatever else they have in the 2.5oz size). I'm wanting the hairspray that's in the 4 foot can to be in the 2.5oz can like I had from the travel section. Just in case anyone finds some - I'll totally pay for you to buy and ship it to me. Seriously.

compulsive writer said...

We are broken about your leaving also. But it was wonderful to see you. And the Chicken Marsala was divine (I still can't believe I actually asked where we were meeting.)

I know what you mean about chicken head. I am pretty laid back and I do say no to some things but my life is absolutely crazy these days and I just want to yell "Stop! I want to get off!"

Thanks again for the goodies. Come back soon!

sue-donym said...

eh hem.

Maybe it was the jeans?

luckyzmom said...

Poor sweet baby! Wish you had been born with your mothers teeth instead of your grandmother Ks. Can't wait to see the results.