21 June 2007

Junk Mail Stories?

Could someone please explain to me these annoying junk mails that are mini stories or something or other. What's the point? There's nothing but a story, nothing to sell or links to get you to go anywhere. "Walking toward her he seemed straight out of a movie. Not any movie but the kind that it's obvious he's way too good looking for her and she's less than average. Though she wanted to turn away for fear he'd embarrass her, it was as if she was frozen in her tracks, unable to resist the desire coming her way." Q: How do I get them to stop or is it a part of the online life I lead?


compulsive writer said...

Now I'm feeling a little deprived. I don't get any junk mail stories. They seem much more interesting than the backs of shampoo bottles I read when I get really really desperate.

Are you feeling any better? I hope your back heals up soon.

Leigh Ann said...

I've been getting these for months now, along with most of the faculty I work with. No one has ever explained who they are from and why we are still getting them. Sorry I'm no help, just in the same boat-BTW-I saw your great logo on osp and looked up your blog, it's great.

La Yen said...

I have never received these. But I did just get informed that I won the British Lottery!

Lucky Red Hen said...

CW... back is almost there; still crippled - thanks for asking.

leigh ann... welcome and thanks for mosying on over! Glad you like my logo (me too).

la yen... don't forget who loves ya, baby!

Tim Halberg said...

part of the online life...

I get way too many... but I've gotten used to it finally. If you take down your email from EVERYWHERE it exists online in text format you can slow it down a lot....

Geo said...

greasy grimy gopher guts

Don't know why that just came to mind, but it's my response du jour to story spam, and all other spam for that matter.

I don't exactly get the reasoning either. Apparently it ain't goin' away.

Julie said...

I don't think I've ever had any of those either. No ideas from my end on what to do to get rid of them.

My favorite thing to do with snail mail junk (at least the stuff that comes with a postage paid return envelope for you to send their application or whatever back in):

1. Cross out all the application blanks with permanent marker so nobody can apply in my name.

2. Write (in big letters) "Take my name off your list."

3. Put everything they sent to you--and I mean every scrap of paper down to the envelope in which they sent the junk--inside their return envelope.

4. Mail it back to them.

It doesn't cost you a penny, but they have to pay extra postage because of the extra weight. It's amazing how much less junk snail mail we get. Oooooo, it's my favorite game ever!

b. said...

ohhhh...jules! remind me not to mess with you!

Lucky, I get those too. I click on 'em because they come from Susie or Jonathon or some name of someone I might know....open it up and it's just a bunch of words in a run on story...kinda like this comment.
Love ya!