06 April 2007

My Favorite Place to Be in Vegas

Mon Amie Gabi restaurant in the Paris hotel & casino
I bet she's wondering where all her money went.
My favorite server of all time... meet Ray. Hello, Ray!

Our conference was mostly in Bally's but that's connected to the Paris where the gynormous trade show floor was (I only spent $30, yay me!) and also the best place to eat lunch, Mon Amie Gabi. I should go through my receipts to figure out how many lunches we had there but I think I'm safe to bet (get it, bet, I was in Vegas) 4+ times (on the other hand, maybe I shouldn't go through my receipts).

The restaurant is beautiful and the servers aren't too bad either ;o) Seriously, all the wait staff, from the hostesses, bussers, and servers, were absolutely terrific. To be fair, the folks at Sensi and The Fix (both in Bellagio) were top notch for dinner but our lunch fellas were divine.

I want what I want when I want it

...so the first thing I asked about was the daily fish. Ray said, "We don't have a fish today" (the look on his face was obvious that he thought it was a little funny that he had to say that but still with a smile that made not having fish OK). Then when I asked about pasta he said, "Well... there's macaroni & cheese" along with a mischievous smirk. Ah, we'll get along just fine.

Someone suggested going to an Italian restaurant if I want pasta. Touche' I say.

Even though we got off to a rocky start with the menu items, we were taken care of like royalty by Ray and Mike (sorry, no picture of Mike; next time I'll have to get one for ya). We made a standing reservation everyday for lunch (except the one they didn't work because, honestly, that wouldn't be as much fun). The next day was outside on the patio with Colin Michael and Ryan Flynn (gotta do the patio at least once) where I complimented Jim Garner on his shirt (his studio took the top album prize and he won for several of his prints) but after that we didn't mind being inside at all (Adrian Campos joined us once). We didn't need the outdoor ambiance and had our own indoors.

My favorite: the bleu cheese burger (medium) butter lettuce salad substituted for the pomme frittes a slight slathering of mustard (if they haven't run out)

I really liked the tiny miniature pickles garnish. Is it strange to eat the garnish?

Also, if you go definitely ask for Ray's section (he's #47) and tell him Lucky Red Hen, the biker photographer girl, sent you. Maybe I'm a favorite customer and he'll remember me?

Q: Am I that forgettable that my favorite server may not remember? If so, then remind him gently...


compulsive writer said...

The answer to your question would be "No!" I will never forget the reaction at Carrabba's when I dropped your name. They LOVE you there! How could Ray be any different?

Kate Benson said...

That b&w one is so incredible! It actually looks like you're in Paris! And it's vintage looking which I dig.

colinmichael said...

haha, eating with you was the highlight of my trip! I have known someone who can make friends so quickly...by the time Ryan and I got there I thought you and Ray were long time friends!
Great times in Vegas and I am glad you finally made it home.

Jennifer B. said...

I read your comment over at cjane's place so I thought I would tell you that I enjoy lurking on your blog and admiring your beautiful photography. I like your new look too!

luckyzmom said...

I think I know that guy!

Queen Scarlett said...

I have a love/hate relationship with vegas. I used to go every year for Christmas with my family... and I wanted to be at home for Christmas. Plus...all that smoke makes me dizzy and ill. BUT... I love the food...and glitz.

Your photos...make me want to go back to Vegas. Last time I went was... more than 4-5 years ago... for CES.

I LOVE your photography.

I also am in awe of your 6+ trip on a Harley... you are a daredevil... ;-)

Lyle said...

Las Vegas! Resataurants [first name basis with the server! Riding the Harley! Photogging! This woman knows no bounds.

sue-donym said...

Did you go to the bakery in Paris? To die for. We love Mon Amie Gabi, eat there everytime we are in Vegas. I'm going middle of May, I will ask for your section and report.

Lucky Red Hen said...

CW - you're right!

Kate - I am glad you liked it because I thought I might be the only one.

Colin - I'm glad you were there to witness the skillz ;o)

Jennifer b. - thanks for coming out of lurkdome!

Luckyzmom - you think you know everybody LOL.

QS - I'm glad you like the photos. I like taking them. The Harley is a LOT of fun, that's for sure!

Lyle - nice to see you again. I've missed you.

Sue - Didn't go into the bakery because I thought it be too overwhelming to decide. Do let me know what you find out about the memory of servers ;o)

Monica said...

I'm leaving on Friday for Vegas, I'll have to try your favorite place and see if Ray remembers you. (0f course he will) My favorite restaurant in Vegas is also at the Paris. I don't know the name but its a sandwich shop that has the best croissant sandwiches, and Gelato

Lucky Red Hen said...

Monica... please do stop by and see Ray :o) They open at 11:30 and that's usually when he's there. Do you live in Utah? If so then let me know so I can send something with you ;o)

Monica B said...

Yes I do live in Utah, I used to be in your ward before it split. Ash and I are leaving with the kids and would be happy to take something that way for you. (can you guess who I am now Hint: Laurie is my sister in law) Just kidding I just don't like using last names on the internet I'm a little paranoid.