12 April 2007

3 Lucky Virgin Harley Riders

Jose took these first 2 shots with my point-n-shoot (he's really a much better photographer than these pictures LOL - he's actually AMAZING). As much as Aimee and I were with each other during the conference (we were roomies), this is the only pic of only the 2 of us. Aimee's business phrase is "It's all about you." Once, she accidently said, "This isn't about you, it's all about me." Couldn't resist this photo op! And here's Aimee's one and only picture of her on the Harley. This is my buddy, Ryan. He's not thrilled with this pic but I like it and this is my blog so it's goin' up. He might like this one better but instead of asking (and him not like it either) it's easier to ask forgiveness than it is to ask for permission ;o) Forgive me? THE sign (except it's the NEW one and not the original which was much further away than our time alloted). Check out all the power lines. Wouldn't mind it if they didn't put the sign with power lines RIGHT IN THE WAY OF EVERY PICTURE! Ryan proving that he rode the Harley all the way to the Vegas Welcome sign. Finally it was Jose's turn. He was the last of the 3 lucky backseat riders on my hog. And he was the chickenest (is that even a word? It is now!). But he was a well-mannered rider and I think he enjoyed every minute of it.! Jose really likes this picture he took. Me... not so much but whatever. I posted one that Ryan didn't like so I'm returning the favor ;o) Proof is in the picture... ...twice! Another couple pulled over for a pic so we swapped cameras and quickly (before we got caught on the island) took each others - niiiice!


luckyzmom said...

Thinking about you and your Harley puts me in mind of the feeling I had when you were about 3 and I found you sitting on the walkway outside our apt, 3 stories up with your little legs dangling thru the rails. Also doing the same 2 stories up in the window, laying in the middle of the street with the dog(we know how that turned out). So, on second thought, this is not new.
PS I went through incredible measures to keep her and safe but she was an Houdini I tell you!

metamorphose said...


I like the left alignment -is it going badly? It looks good to me.

Lucky Red Hen said...

Yes, the left alignment isn't working for me :o( Doesn't give me enough writing room and text seems to wander around without me knowing where it's going.

Your Lisa said...

I WANT THE BANANA REPUBLIC DRESS YOU'RE WEARING!!!!! Not only do I want it, I want it to look good on me, which it doesn't. I admired it for a couple weeks before trying it on. It didn't go well. It probably could have but I also didn't want to go through the hassle of finding an undershirt to go with it. It didn't help that I saw it on a girl at church the week before, but she's a size zero.
Is it your opinion that dress is black and white or navy and white?