21 February 2007

Another eSession from the CA Trip

Here is the next couple... the rain would slow then stop then pick back up again. The notorious international film photographer, Jose Villa, was our lead on this one. He taught us about helping the clients feel comfortable and relaxed (can't wait to hang out with him again and pick his brain - I didn't get to spend enough time with him). This is also the park with the attacking chickens that lived in the trees. I'm pretty sure they were just random chickens because there was not a coop in sight. I love the colors they chose - went well with the green park. I have a few of her bridals yet to edit and post separately. Can't spoil you all at once with these! There is also another eSession that's waiting its turn... on the raining beach with 2 tall dark and handsome/gorgeous lovers --- he's a fireman... what more could a girl want?

1 the lean to
2 I LOVE kisses on the head 3 semi-American Gothic 4 my favorite of these two 5 6 contemplative 7 and I got her to giggle 8 what a handsome devil 9 how 'bout finish it off with a little nibble


b. said...

This couple is cuter.
I like #2 and #6 if you're keeping track.

~j. said...

Was this in San Luis Obispo?

Lucky Red Hen said...

Thanks, b.

Why, yes, ~j., it IS San Luis Obispo.

pflower10 said...

My fav is the piggy back one!!

I heart your pics

Haley said...

So great. It's so hard when you really have to help the couple like each other. "please stand by your FIANCE.. please, you need to actually TOUCH her." These two look like PROS. :)