13 November 2006

Lucy and Andrew Wed, 2nd set of pictures

More of my favorites from Lucy & Andrew's wedding.
The clever Jolly Porter & lovely Oh, Judy!.
Mr. 100% of the votes in front of all his grandkidlets. Miss Thang on a temple bench. The groom, aka Rick, grinning ear-to-ear. Mr. Stuff cooperating for the camera. This was outside the reception; I did NOT digitally enhance the picture at all.
The heart shaped reflection, flare, just showed up when I took the picture. I, personally, HEART CJane's singing performances. The infamous Chup & darling wife. How great does NieNie look? Pretty great! NieNie likes this picture (it's her hubby). "The" cake (a cupcake tower). Detail of previously mentioned cupcakes. The bride wasn't interested in getting a picture in front of this "urn" but I liked it through the window. Cutsy patutsy with her red shoes on a red door. The infamous Chupacabra. Spectacular bouquet, like no other I've seen. Such a cute bride! Love the fall colors with cute couples ;o) Who doesn't love a red door? Bride giving her groom a look o' love.
May I mention that this is a record for me to be able to post so many pictures in one sitting. I've switched over to the new Blogger Beta and it's working wonders! Yay - thanks Blogger because I was getting a bit perterbed.


Bek said...

Oh Shannon,

Those are BEAUTIFUL!! You make me realize I have so much to learn. That is exactly what we want for Nori's sealing. I love the casual posed ones. I also LOVE seeing Phoebe and Miles.

They are all great, great, great pictures of a beautful family (I also loved the one of Claire in front of the door....).

Great Job!

AzĂșcar said...

Could those mini-Clarks be ANY CUTER? No, unless we factor in a rip in the fabric of the space-time continuum--seriously, those baby blues are gorgeous!

I love everything about these pictures. When Lucy told me she wanted to do cupcakes for her cake I was SO excited (I was sad when it didn't work out for me to do them.) I'm so glad they turned out so well.

~j. said...

pretty, pretty, pretty.

c jane said...

You like my singing.
I like your pictures.

lisa v. clark said...

I love, love, love your pictures! Lucy and Andrew in front of the red door--awesome! Thanks for taking pics of my kids and my hot husband. You are so talented. Where do I order? :)

Geo said...

Knockout fo-tos.

Lyle said...

What would our blogging family be without the nucleus of the Clarks?

Great pics on your part.

compulsive writer said...

I think I may have said this before, but BEAUTIFUL!