24 October 2006

Soundcrank is Up and Running

I told y'all before about my super-clever-fantastic hubbies latest project, www.soundcrank.com, where you download the iTunes plug-in for FREE and share your musical thoughts, tastes and recommendations with others around the world! Well, it's available now as a Beta1 version and growing fast! The sooner you sign up, the easier it'll be to snag the perfect username (mine is "Shannon" so invite me to be your friend after you create your user profile). Tell all your friends and their friends and soforth.

There are non-traditional interviews (if you want to know what I mean by that, go to www.soundcrank.com and click on one of the bands under "interviews & podcasts" and have a read) with bands, podcasts you download for FREE, reviews by listeners and fans, live show blogs, personalized favorite lists, DAILY voting in the lower right corner of the home page, lyrics, album art, artist information, your own personal music blog and many more features that music lovers will, well, LOVE!

Get going to www.soundcrank.com and take a look around.


Bek said...

what a clever family you guys have!!

liz said...

wow that's fully impressive. is it similar to myspace?

LuckyRedHen said...

Bek-I'm glad we "appear" that way LOL!

Liz-Kinda but MORE than just a blog. The FRIENDS section links so you can share & recommend music as well as see what they're listening to; that's mySpacey.


Melody said...

Oh, yes, girl, you ARE a clever crew. I like your new photo too.

I'll pass the info on to my sweet-smelling son. He has a ginormous circle of hip music-loving twenty-something friends. Good luck with it.

luckyzmom said...

Don't suppose anyone would be sharing oldies but goodies!